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End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

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166Supreme Court hypocrisy runs rampant2013-12-23
165Christy McCormick's thoughts from Hong Kong2013-12-21
1641.5 Billion not enough says Quebec2013-12-19
163French Language Service Act = government promoted RACISM2013-12-15
162Independence of the Commissioner: A Done Deal2013-12-13
161"Bilingualism" Costs Ontario BIG bucks2013-12-11
160Ken wonders about Quebec becoming a Necropolis2013-12-10
159Barry Irvine's Thoughts from NB2013-12-05
158FIP complaint forwarded to Speaker of the House2013-12-02
157MP stands firms and faces down French zealot2013-11-29
156Complaint over flag at Ottawa U2013-11-26
155Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages2013-11-25
154Rally for Gervais family2013-11-21
153Integrity Commissioners steals democracy2013-11-19
152Official Languages Commissioner REFUSES to investigate2013-11-19
151World of English Freedoms no accident2013-11-18
150CLF/LFA corner Minister of Official Languages2013-11-18
149Proud BRITISH history once again ignored2013-11-16
148New Brunswicks brewing language war2013-11-16
147CLF and UNITY join to protest treatment of vet in HULL2013-11-10
146Quebec said NON so Canada is NOT bilingual2013-11-09
145Institutional BILINGUALISM = Government RACISM2013-11-06
144The push is on in Durham2013-10-29
143Durham shuts down Language designation2013-10-27
142CLF applauds the Town of Durham2013-10-27
141Durham Report2013-10-27
140Bigotry and Bilingualism in Manitoba2013-10-26
1391.4 BILLION and counting at City of Ottawa2013-10-25
138Why did LANGUAGE Commissioner respond in a different language?2013-10-20
137The Big Shifts and anti- English insults continue2013-10-20
136Letters to Prime Minister Harper for HELP2013-10-18
135Durham FLSA refusal exposes limitations2013-10-16
134An English nurse's Bitter Pill to swallow2013-10-09
133The great seduction and more2013-10-05
132Report: It pays to do your homework2013-10-01
131Orlin thanks Keith B for all he does2013-09-23
130Dr Tomblers message and more2013-09-23
129Maha supports Lowell Green too2013-09-19
128Orlin supports Lowell Green's take on Quebec2013-09-19
127Keith videos and more2013-09-19
126Montreal language protests and more2013-09-16
125If you don't know your past, you don't know your future2013-09-14
124Nanaimo ignoring Federal Identity Program too2013-09-02
123Quebec is its own worst enemy2013-08-30
122Order of Jacques Cartier (La Patente)2013-08-25
121Are language debates holding up corporate plans in Quebec?2013-08-21
120Is Graham Fraser trying to create work?2013-08-06
119We need an HONEST discussion SOON2013-08-05
1182 languages is the formula for disunity and discord2013-07-30
117Quebecs catastrophic electricity meltdown2013-07-11
116OLA Commissioner's response OUTRAGEOUS and more2013-07-10
115The winners are...2013-07-06
114French ONLY! IGA threatens employees2013-06-28
113Don't let passive talk fool you2013-06-27
112Bilingual Today, French tomorrow2013-06-20
111Quebec's DISTINCT Society is Corrupt2013-06-19
110Federal Identity Program and more2013-06-09
109Municipalities ARE Ultra Vires2013-06-05
108OFLSC Annual Report A New Approach 2012 20132013-06-05
107A New Approach by Ontario French Language Commissioner2013-06-05
1061st quarter 2013 Ottawa Budget2013-06-01
104PE Trudeau was a failure as a political force2013-05-27
103Duality out - Segregation in2013-05-22
102Is it ethical?2013-05-14
101CLF President challenges Graham Fraser on his INCORRECT responses2013-05-14
100No doubt about it - courts prefer French2013-05-04
99Name something that has NOT been manipulated?2013-04-30
98Unity group shows support for local Quebec hero2013-04-22
97It's Social Engineering any way you cut it2013-04-12
96Feds tout bilingual bucks2013-04-12
95Language Czar on warpath again!2013-04-11
94Kip says social programs are unsustainable2013-03-31
93Gordon says TURN QUEBEC LOOSE2013-03-31
92Orlin believes that knowing our past is important2013-03-31
91Carol-Ann says Language Commissioner is a MENACE!2013-03-31
90Kathy insists JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED2013-03-31
89Orlin wonders why French are so powerful2013-03-31
88Another successful and informative St Pats Brunch2013-03-20
87"Bilingual" license plates in Manitoba too2013-03-19
86Eric's Historical research on monuments2013-03-03
85Sunshine List 20112013-03-03
84Richard Field message to CLF2013-02-24
83Quebec international laughing stock over pasta war2013-02-21
82Fourniers fight for Freedom of Speech too2013-02-17
81Bill that violate the Charter2013-02-10
80Why is French Immersion so popular?2013-02-06
79What do you think?2013-02-03
78Danny Williams on Quebec and more2013-01-26
77Ottawa Hospital to cut $31 Million2013-01-21
76Will there be Freedom of Expression?2013-01-11
75Equalization Payments 1957 - 20132013-01-01
74Access To Justice In Both Offcial Languages2013-01-01
73OFLSC Annual Accessibility Plan 2012 20132013-01-01
72Russell Township pleased over Supreme Courts refusal2012-12-06
71Eric questions Liz Matthew over Montfort2012-11-30
70A cry for HELP from Heather V2012-11-09
69Scrapping Canada Offical Languages Act2012-10-28
68English babies in Quebec won't be forced to be French...yet2012-10-26
67Bilingualism is FAILING data proves2012-10-26
66Bilingualism stalls but not for those learning English in Quebec2012-10-24


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