Canadians for Language Fairness

End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

Article ID Article Link Date
428Western Separatism2018-07-28
427Focus on the Equalization Payments Policy2018-06-29
426Congratulations to Doug Ford!!2018-06-10
425Howard Galganov & Elsa Scheider2018-06-03
424CLF's message on Ontario's election2018-05-28
423Language Training very expensive2018-05-06
422Bilingualism: A failed policy?2018-04-30
421Survey from OCOL2018-04-21
420Is Ottawa Officially Bilingual?2018-04-13
419New Action Plan - OCOL2018-04-01
418Social Transfer & Wealth Redistribution2018-03-24
4172018 Budget2018-03-09
416Message from NB, AB & ON2018-02-27
415Political Correctness - the new disease2018-02-05
414A New Threat To Canada2018-01-26
413Why are English-speaking Quebecers so badly treated?2018-01-16
412Duality Policy - what it means2017-12-29
411Bill 177 Being Mis-represented2017-12-09
410clf christmas message 20172017-12-02
409Franco-Ontario Flag2017-11-27
408Omnibus Bill 1772017-11-24
407More Good News2017-11-12
406French Over-representation2017-10-21
405Francophone Affairs - Full fledged ministry2017-10-05
404J.V. Andrew's "Enough" in Audio format2017-09-18
403Petition to Set Aside Bill S-2092017-08-26
402Farewell to Jurgen Vollrath 08-19-172017-08-26
401Bilingualism not growing in Ottawa2017-08-05
400Descrimination in Quebec2017-08-03
399Struggle for Human Rights in Canada By Allan C.2017-07-26
398Bill S-2092017-07-24
397Canada rewards Omar Khadr - why?2017-07-10
396Hurray!! Madeleine Meilleur bows out!!2017-06-16
395D-Day - A Victory To Remember2017-06-07
394Opposition to Madeleine Meilleur as Language Commissoner2017-06-04
393French Rally2017-06-03
392Bulldog Blog + Letters to PM on M. Meilleur2017-05-27
391Madelene Meullier - Poor Choice2017-05-22
390Fallacy of French Under-Representation2017-05-16
389French Extravagance in NB2017-05-02
388CBC - The Story of Us2017-04-23
387April 20 planned rally for OB Ottawa2017-03-27
386M-103 + Ottawa's Mayor being intimidated2017-03-25
385Two Important Reminders2017-03-21
384Several Items Of Concern2017-03-21
383St. Pat's Day Lunch + John Trent2017-02-26
382The Holy Grail2017-02-24
381Court Challenge Program reinstated + Bill M-1032017-02-12
380Dialogue Canada Pushing2017-02-03
379Kim & Howard's Smorgasbord2017-01-31


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