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Wednesday,  April 30, 2014

Councillor Responses To CLF Letter  Will Shock You

Responses To Scott Moffat

When Scott Moffat dismissed us as a group with a “non-existent issue” and advised us to stop sending these misleading emails around, he didn’t know what a hornet’s nest he had unleashed.  We have several people who are able to express themselves very eloquently and I hope that you will follow their good example & ensure that your councillor knows that this is not a “non-existent issue”.

Surprisingly, two more councillors (Mark Taylor & Shad Qadri) have come forward to say that they are also unaware of this issue - are these people really serious?  Read the exchange of correspondence between G. P and Councillor Mark Taylor & Shad Qadrie’s reply to Eric P.

It is an issue of great importance which we are sad to see is being deliberately ignored by the English media.  I wonder why that is.  The French media is not so unconcerned - they wrote an article which we have translated below for you.  We have written a response which we will get translated into French and we will send it to le droit - if they ignore it, we’ll know that they are just a rag sponsored by government largesse with very little obligation to tell both sides of the story.  As most of their readers are Francophones or Francophiles who support the French agenda and who only read in French, we hope that some of the English media might give this issue some coverage.  Jon Willing of the SunMedia did report on the work of the French Language Committee at the City in 2013- with a budget of $2.8 million to expand French language services.  See his article below.

A very generous donor has started us on a public awareness campaign to reach more Ontarians to alert them to what is happening.  We will be conducting a flyer campaign using a flyer designed by our Spokesperson - Beth Trudeau (see attached).  For a full coverage of Ottawa, we will need financial assistance from more people so if you would like to help us expand our ability to reach more people, we ask that you send us a small donation to cover the cost of the distribution.  We’ll start with Ottawa and if we can afford it, we’ll expand our flyer campaign to other areas.

Kim McConnell


CLF made the French papers!

The "threat" of official bilingualism threatens the City of Ottawa. At least, that's what thinks Canadians for Language Fairness Group, an organization known for its opposition to official bilingualism.

In a letter to Mayor Jim Watson and city councilors on March 19, the president of the group, Kim McConnell, worried "increasing efforts being made to the City of Ottawa is officially bilingual. "

It bases its argument on a few newspaper articles recently published on the subject of official bilingualism. Nevertheless, M meMcConnell advance as there are many reasons for the opposition of his group as a "diet."

"There is no constitutional requirement or the Charter (of Rights and Freedoms) to do so to the extent that the Act official bilingualism was paid only on federal government departments and programs and that 'when numbers warrant, '"she criticism.

Linguistic xenophobia

M me McConnell pushes his thought further, even verging on linguistic xenophobia.

"There is nothing 'Inclusive' with the need to declare Ottawa officially bilingual to accommodate a small linguistic minority.Indeed, there seems to be a growing fanaticism on the part of Francophones who are not satisfied with just being 'included' and 'feel at home in Canada. [...] It seems that this small linguistic minority seeks to be elevated to the status of an isolated and pampered with full control of state organs aristocracy - the federal, provincial, municipal - and all this with the concerted efforts and support of the Anglophone majority, she wrote in her letter. Enough is enough! "

"We do not need to change to adapt to the 'French Civil Code' with its cult of excessive statism, false gods and contempt for individual freedom and private property, she said. We do not need to pay and subsidize efforts to help the linguistic minority 'fight assimilation. "

A scathing reply is coming soon Advisor Rideau-Goulbourn Ward, Scott Moffatt.

"I would encourage you to put an end to this type of erroneous letters while there is currently no movement of its kind. [...] I do not like lobbying efforts on a. People who sent such letters (by email) were unable to give us specific information about the origin of this 'renewed efforts' when challenged. These individuals do not have the facts and are misled by your organization. I hope you will work to stop these emails. "

Recall that Mayor Watson has always opposed official bilingualism.


Mr. Scott Moffat


Ward 21, Rideau-Goulburn

City of Ottawa

110 Laurier Avenue West


Ontario K1P 1J1

Re:  Your response to the March 19/14 CLF letter to Mayor Watson regarding declaring Ottawa officially bilingual

Dear Mr. Moffat,

It grieves me deeply having to write you regarding your response to a letter written by Canadians for Language Fairness to Mayor Watson expressing concern over renewed efforts to have Ottawa declared officially bilingual. Your reactions are baffling to us insofar as you appear to express complete ignorance of a major movement “under your nose” and a seeming reckless disregard for our concerns which you describe as “lobbying efforts.” Since when is writing to an elected official alerting of a grave threat to our civic integrity deemed “lobbying”?

We are further aghast at your expressed arrogance at daring, daring, to admonish us, taxpayers, when the facts are quite literally “screaming” in your face such as the announcement by the ACFO, coming off a recent weekend-long Ottawa Francophonie meeting in Ottawa (Annual Francophone Rendezvous, March, 2014) that established a working group “to determine which route to take to formalize bilingualism in Ottawa.” Why is Ottawa targeted and not Quebec City?  Is it time for you to step out of your comfortable City Hall bubble and “smell the coffee”?

Your reaction to our letter to Mayor Watson tends to reinforce our overall perceptions of the disgraceful state of our officer class that is generally uninformed and out of ideas knowing only debts, debts, debts and deficits and extortionary taxes.  As such, we are unimpressed as you sit around the Council table looking like another fatuous, overpaid lounge lizard pontificating near-meaningless trivialities while ignoring more weighty issues such as providing more transparency through a balanced budget amendment, a zero-base based budgeting system with a line item veto, the full social impact, true and complete cost of bilingualizing City Hall, creating municipal-level political parties and a City Ombudsman. If Toronto can have an Ombudsman why not Ottawa?  With Councillors like you this is a badly needed institution!

Official Bilingualism as practised here is now a civic-eroding malignancy. All over the world, discrimination based on skin colour - racism - is increasingly disappearing and “laughed out of court.”  But racism based on a peculiar French dialect is alive and well and being actively promoted in Ottawa!

Al S.

Member, Canadian for Language Fairness



His Worship, Jim Watson,

Mayor of Ottawa,

April 22, 2014


We understand that Francophones are once more demanding that the City of Ottawa declare itself officially bilingual. The fact that the City is effectively bilingual is of no consequence to our small, but vocal, population of Francophones; by achieving their goal of making it official, Francophones would demonstrate that it is they who set the agenda, wield the power, and exert the influence.

In catering to our Francophone residents ($7.1M ‘Supporting Francophone Families’ in fiscal 2013), we have already incurred a financial burden, and we are certainly not prepared to spend substantially more merely to satisfy further, unearned, expectations.

We are told that Francophones are desperately afraid of being assimilated by us rapacious Canadians. We are told that, to avoid contact with their fellow Canadians, we must provide them with unilingual public facilities - the Grant School for example. And to isolate their children from the despised English language, we must also give them fully funded, unilingual, daycare.

Our response is simple: if Francophones are resourceful, and their language and culture are strong and vibrant, they will survive on their own merits - as indeed do sundry European and Asian cultures scattered across North America.  If Francophones’ language and culture are weak and wobbly, massive public support will not protect them.

Mr. Watson, by their attitude of entitlement, Francophones have shown us that they are unwilling to help themselves and to earn their own way. We, the folks who pay the bills here, are thus under no obligation to make it happen with legislation and welfare.  We therefore add our voices to yours, and object, most strenuously, to any proposal to declare our city officially bilingual.

Best Regards,

G.P. and J. F.

Copy Mark Taylor, Bay Ward


Reply from Mark Taylor, Bay Ward

Thank you Mr. P. & Ms. F:

While I understand you addressed this to the Mayor I thought it prudent to reply and thank you for copying me.

In addition, you should know that there is a notion circulating on the internet that Francophone groups or individuals are lobbying for legislation to ensconce bilingualism in Ottawa. This is not the case to my knowledge or any of my colleagues. I am unsure where there notion got started but at the present time there is no proposal to make any language changes in Ottawa, nor am I aware of anyone thinking of putting forward such a proposal.

Thank you for having written.


Mark Taylor

Ottawa City Councillor for Bay Ward

Chair, Community & Protective Services Committee



Mr. Taylor, thank you for responding to our letter.

While there may not be a formal campaign to have our city declare itself officially bilingual, there are signs that Francophones have not given up. Here is a paragraph from the April 28 issue of L'Press:

"Official bilingualism in the City continues in this area to stimulate debate on the francophone side suitors. Mathieu Fleury, Mathieu Fortin, Cam Holmstrom, Marc Aubin or Lili Weemen francophone candidate in Somerset have been favorable to the idea."

It would be naïve to suggest that Francophones are no longer interested in having our city declare itself officially bilingual; it remains an item on their agenda if for no other reason than to demonstrate their power and influence in the nation's capital city.

Our question to you is simple: Would you vote For or Against a proposal to have the City of Ottawa declare itself Officially Bilingual?

G.P. & J.F.


Subject: Move to make Ottawa Official Bilingual

Hello Councillor,

Despite protestations by Scott Moffat that the facts on the insidious moves to make Ottawa officially bilingual are erroneous, let me assure you they cannot be disputed and are very well documented. Ms. Kim McConnell is very well versed in the direction bilingualism has taken over the past forty years, she deals as I do,  in facts, not fiction.

I will cut to the reality of bilingualism to make it very clear what WILL happen to you Anglophones and many city employees if the minority Francophone group succeeds in achieving their objective.

In the mid seventies I was a top management employee in a Crown Corporation. A Francophone was parachuted quite suddenly and dramatically into the CEO position and it became very clear the mandate was to replace many Anglophones with Francophones, regardless of experience or competence. I know, because ultimately I was obliged to quit when I learned of a plot to remove me.

It is blatantly clear that similar clandestine activities have been enacted in most Canadian major institutions where the top positions are occupied today by Francophones. The balance of power is no longer fair and equitable but grossly in favour of Francophones.

Mandatory Bilingualism is not about offering services in the two official languages, but rather a means to an end. It is taking advantage of the fact that very few Canadians outside of Quebec are fluently bilingual and subsequently Francophones, most of whom speak English, are in a position to immediately fulfill the "Mandatory Bilingual" requirement and gain employment to the detriment of  Anglophones. Language is taking precedence over experience and education, and that is the objective.

If you pass the motion to make Ottawa Council officially bilingual you do so at your own peril. Official Bilingualism is all about power to control and the Francophones are winning. It is up to you to do all in your power to prevent a Francophone takeover of Ottawa.

Ken D.


Response from Marianne Wilkinson

I will keep a close eye on this as I support practical bilingualism but not official bilingualism.  Practical means services where needed, not everywhere.  Most of my residents are not bilingual with French (but

many speak Mandarin and other languages) and the Hi-tech industry works in English.

Marianne Wilkinson

Councillor, Kanata North

City of Ottawa



April 22, 2014 11:20 AM

To: Wilkinson, Marianne

Subject: RE: Move to make Ottawa Official Bilingual

Hello Marianne,

Thank you for your response and concern. I noted earlier that you are a supporter of common sense when it comes to bilingualism. No person can be better qualified than me to know one does not have to be bilingual in order to treat people fairly and equitably. I was General Manager of the Numismatic Division of the Royal Canadian Mint from 1973 - 1980. Located in Hull, and at its peak during the Olympics, I was responsible for approximately 450 Francophone employees. Only six Anglophones, including myself were not fluently bilingual but we had no problem communicating through those employees who willingly translated for us when required.

Canada has two official languages, as we know, but that does not mean Canada is French as many seek to portray it to the world. Bilingualism is the P.E.Trudeau dream, the objective of which is to achieve French control of the whole country. There are many who say that is ridiculous because they are not paying attention to what is happening in Ottawa, and the rest of the country. Only those of us who have been negatively affected by bilingualism understand what is really happening. Lose your job, be replaced by a Francophone for no other reason than you don't speak French and you will begin to question the reason and motive.

Bilingualism is costing us billions of dollars that could be spent more wisely on health care, education, housing and transportation but that takes second place in the push for French control.

Best wishes in your endeavours.



Sent: April 22, 2014 11:15 AM

To: David Chernushenko

Subject: Response to Scott Moffat

Dear Mr. Chernushenko,

While I have appreciated your newsletter and been in agreement with much of your forthright commentary on many issues, I am not aware of your position on official bilingualism.  I sincerely hope you are onside with Canadians for Language Fairness because this issue trumps all others.  Indeed financial policy and control of expenditures is of paramount importance, but it has been demonstrated conclusively over the last 40 years that the political purveyors of overkill on providing opportunity for francophones at the Federal level have not only subjugated the English majority, but also have contributed to excessive growth in the public service and cost of government in general.  Any City of Ottawa councillor who chooses to support official bilingualism is ipso facto incompetent to manage the resources of our City.

Your frank reply will be sincerely appreciated.  Please Reply All.



"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


Sent: April 15, 2014 1:12 PM

No agenda?  Then tell them to google a title "the day Ottawa to be one big city" when they considered amalgamating Nepean, Kanata, Gloucester, Orleans etc

Any info that comes up will show, City of Ottawa French councillors like Jacques Legendre, Bob Monette, and even non-City Francophone politicians like Madeline Meullier, Jean Chretien, Denis Codere - insisting that the new city be designated officially bilingual.

Better yet, since they are so big on INCLUSION, how come they insist on EXCLUSION with Bilingualism, like EXCLUDING others by making it necessary to be able to work in both English & French (when everyone has to speak English to work in Ottawa), having every service person be bilingual with a less than 1% unilingual Francophones in Ottawa, or even requiring bilingual persons in jobs not required to serve the public like Library Book Sorters (Pages)?

Would they justify other polices that would exclude 75% of people in the Ottawa Valley like they insist on current bilingualism policies that do so? 





Subject: Making Ottawa a Bilingual City!!

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 23:50:14 -0400

Mr. Shad Qadri

Ward 6 Stittsville,

City of Ottawa,

Ontario, Canada

Dear Shad:

It has come to my attention that there is a move afoot by "Pressure Groups" to make the City of Ottawa officially a Bilingual (French/English) City. I want to inform you that yielding to such pressure is not only ridiculous but as a taxpayer one of the most costly changes that could be imposed on the Taxpayers of Ottawa ever when only 5% of the City of Ottawa is francophone. It is estimated that the present FAILED Forced Federal Bilingual Program is costing Canadians 1.3 Trillion dollars annually with the money coming from every small shop keeper to medium and large corporations, other businesses struggling today to compete and stay in business and from your pocket and mine.

Shad there will be more English Speaking people in China in less than 10 years than any other country in the World. All because of technology communication changes. Shad, I ask you to raise your voice in that no such move should be made until there is a study done (which will cost millions) as to the Taxpayer Costs and the pros and cons of such a move. The "Study" should include the cost of Language Training for All Council Members not proficient in the French or English language, as well as replacements while the Councilors are on Training.  Then after the Taxpayers are given the facts, a Referendum held so that Democratically the Citizens of Ottawa can have their say, in order to guide you, the Mayor and other Councilors in your decision.

Someone has to ask the question "Where will we get the dollars to make the City of Ottawa Bilingual". Don't count on the Federal or Provincial Government. The money can only come from you and me and as Taxes go up Businesses and people move away and a City eventually dies. Don't let Federal Funded Pressure Groups persuade you or your fellow Councilors into making any decision that you know is not beneficial to the City of Ottawa and its Taxpayers.

Kindest Regards,

Eric P,

Stittsville, Ontario

P.S. Shad, please forward to any of your Council friends.


Hello Eric,

Thank you for your message and including Mayor Watson along with my other colleagues.

I am somewhat perplexed by your email. Could you please advise where you have received this information. I have not heard anything from the community or at the City level.


Shad Qadri

Councillor, Serving the community of Stittsville within the City of Ottawa

110 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

Tel: 613-580-2476; Fax: 613-580-2516




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