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Monday, May 26,  2014

Mayor Watson Is Clear Once Again

Your honour:

We thank you most profusely for taking the time to respond to our letter to you & the councillors of the City of Ottawa.  We are very pleased that you have, once again, expressed your clear opposition to the oft-expressed determination of the French-language lobby groups to get official bilingual status for the city.

Despite denials from some of the councillors, we have clear proof that the French lobbies have stated their position very clearly - see evidence attached below:

Une lettre aux candidats pour la francophonie

A letter to candidates for the Francophonie

We applaud you for continuing to resist this relentless push by the minority French groups who have the financial resources (due to the generosity of the majority English-speakers) to make their demands heard.  We, on the other hand, have NO politician and NO resources to push back and are at the mercy of the very aggressive French groups who have seen total victory in Quebec and wish to extend this to the English-speaking provinces.

We hope that you & the other councillors will attempt to see the situation as it really is.

Your sincerely,

Kim McConnell


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