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31 March 2014

ACFO Gets Too Much Of MY Money Complains EL

I believe the L'Association canadienne-française de l'Ontario is getting too much money, as they are creating high quality fear mongering videos with it. Should taxpayer funding (Heritage Canada, Ont. Trillium Foundation, various Ministries) not be to help all people? With the many laws, regulations and policies designed to over compensate minorities only, the group as a whole suffers. 66% of federal jobs in Ottawa are slated as bilingual, provincial and municipal governments also over promote, how much more is needed? We are losing respect, heritage, culture etc for our European ancestry.

We also see education and health facilities handing out money to various Francophone causes (Francophone monuments comes to mind), taxpayers pay them to use the money, not to give away to their cause of the day.

Scare mongering self promotion video - Heritage Canada listed at end

Self promotion with 60 foot flag pole markers - Trillium Ontario (provides over 6.6% of all funding to Francophones, Ontario has under 5%.)

Advisers to the Advisers of the Advisers for Ontario health care -

We see much dedication and administration expense towards the promotion of French through doubling of services, and as an example, take a look at health care services in Ontario, none of which provide a written guarantee for funding or service to English residents in the same way. Remember, the 2011 Census lists just 42,980 people in Ontario who only speak French, 298,920 who speak neither Eng. nor Fr. and 1,395,805 self assessed as speaking both Eng. & Fr. There is much effort and funding to help a small minority, but try and follow the most obvious paths of extra administration.

Ontario has an Office of Francophone Affairs; Madeleine Meilleur is the current Minister that oversees the French Languages Services Act and the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner.  We have French Language Coordinators (ensured in the French Language Services Act & Regulations) that promote French to each Ministry (approx. 30). Also under the French Language Services Act, we have over 200 public service entities who agreed to provide certain levels of French service (in exchange for funding and law guarantees), many of which are health care related but also cover Justice, Education and Community and Social Services.

We have 14 LHIN's (local health integration networks) in Ontario. Each of them has a dedicated French Language services Coordinator position. Remember Ontario also has about 2 dozen French Language Coordinators to assist Ministries in promoting more French, and a FLS ministry and a commissioner office, obviously more were needed. (BTW Federal also has language coordinators for each ministry as well.)

It is not over yet!

Ontario also has a group called ENTITE 4 to provide advice to 14 LHIN's with 6 more entities.

To advise the advisers of the advisers at ENTITE 4 we have another organization called the French Language Heath Services Advisory Council. This council is formed by the 7 (tax payer funding) associations noted below.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

When will Ontario residents ask for a needs assessment to help those that need it of course, to stop the duplication, provide hiring fairness and provide fairness for more than just one minority? Perhaps a possible Ontario election this year is the time.




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