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31 March 2014

ACFO Uses Tax Dollars To Promote French Agenda says GP

Folks, the ACFO, with funding from the public purse, is campaigning for greater 'visibility' throughout Ontario. In case you haven't been paying attention, Ontario's population of 493,300 Francophones (2011) are working quietly to make Ontario a French place.  As they say in the attachment: "A wave will sweep Ontario ..."

Ontario is home to several hundred independent Francophone organizations, each of which receives funding from our public purse: the Trillium Foundation, virtually every provincial government department, and from a host of federal government departments and agencies. The common goal of these organizations is to ensure that, within a decade or so, French culture and the French language will be "an essential  (my italics) component of civil society in Ontario".

Since David Peterson surreptitiously passed the French Language Services Act in 1986, we have created, for Francophones, their very own unilingual television network, which, in 2013, cost us $30M; extensive networks of unilingual schools, School Boards, school buses, community centres, and their very own provincial government department: the Ministry of Francophone Affairs.  In their schools, the English language - even common English words and phrases, are strictly forbidden. Children are chastised for uttering English.

And with the passage of the FLSA - and in conjunction with the Official Languages Act and Official Bilingualism, comes the staggering costs of bilingual everything - from menus to maps, from signs to sinkholes. If an English word is written anywhere, a Francophone will be hanging around to ensure that its equivalent French word is pasted in there - preferably above and bigger than the English word. And lo, the joy when Francophones open up a government site and find the French language first and foremost above and beyond the lowly English version. Wow.

And with their unchallenged power and influence throughout Ontario, Francophones confidently fly their fleur-de-lis flag fly above our Ontario flag and above the Canadian flag - in contravention of federal legislation.

My, but they are cheeky little devils.

Ontario Francophones insist that such massive funding is necessary to prevent their culture from being assimilated. My response is simple: if the Francophone culture in Ontario is vigorous and vibrant, it will survive on its own merits - as do sundry Asian (think Chinatown) and European cultures in regions in Ontario and scattered across North America and around the globe. Such people, resourceful and resolute, simply carry on as usual without weeping and wailing for cash from the public purse.

If Francophone culture is, in fact, weak and withered, no amount of public funding will invigorate it. We cannot do for them, with cash, what they are too weak and inept to do for themselves.

Worldwide, some 350 million people speak French (think several failed states in Africa, and one nearly so in Europe), while between 1.5 and 2 billion speak, and work in, English. With these numbers in mind, the Ontario Department of Education spends handsomely on French immersion programs. Why do we do this? Even Quebec politicians, in this current provincial election, are insisting that the English language is necessary to function in modernity. So, why is Ontario pushing, protecting, preserving, and promoting French language studies in our schools and colleges? Perhaps because it gives us the warm and cozy sensation associated with doing the nice Canadian multicultural thing.

What a nice buzz.

The funding we give the La Francophonie is not much different than the welfare we distribute to our poor and impoverished. Except that Francophones don't need it; they are quite capable of funding their own campaigns to further their own French language and cultural goals. If they want unilingual enclaves to call their own, let them raise the funds and build them - just as everyone else does. If they are resourceful, self-reliant, diligent, and capable of hard work, they would do it. The fact that they don't, suggests they lack these qualities.

But then, why would Francophones spend their own money when Ontario politicians are so eager to give them ours? Are we really Francophones' keepers? Are we really a major element in their campaign to dominate the political and social structures of Ontario? Well, as long as we funnel truckloads of cash into their coffers, we enable their quest. We are their designated babysitters.

And let us not forget that, while we coddle and cuddle Francophones in Ontario, Anglophones in officially unilingual (and officially corrupt) Quebec are openly despised, and routinely denied medical care, for the crime of speaking English. While we give Francophones the welfare they demand here, the English language and everything tainted with Englishness, are being stripped from the crumbling façade that is Quebec. 

Folks, on that note, I offer this observation: as Quebec wretchedly crumbles, Francophones will be increasingly inclined to migrate down the 401 into Ontario, a place where people are complacent, governments are compliant, the fruit hangs low, and the livin' is easy.




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