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31 March 2014

The majority are second class citizens in Ontario says Ruth

I live in Ontario, and common logic requires me to request an answer to these questions :

  • WHY are we spending MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of our tax dollars each and every year, to finance the wholesale extension of the French Language throughout Ontario, for a tiny minority (approximately 4%) of our population, when the language spoken and/or understood by the overwhelming majority is ENGLISH?
  • WHY was the Ontario French Language Services Act (known as Bill 8) passed on Nov. 18th, 1986 when 70 of 125 members were absent?
  • WHY was it passed in French in the Ontario Legislature and recorded in French in the Hansard Report, - the public record?
  • WHY, if it was such fair and equitable legislation were the contents of the Bill not revealed to the citizens of Ontario prior to it's passing?  Why the secrecy?
  • WHY, when he had no mandate from the people of Ontario, did Liberal Premier David Peterson proceed with this legislation?
  • WHY do we allow these enormous costs, BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS annually, to be hijacked from more dire needs of our Ontario society such as much needed financial support for Hospitals, MRI and CAT Scan equipment, care for Seniors, etc., etc., instead of being directed to forcing a minority language on English-speaking residents of Ontario, who don't need/or want to communicate in a second language? Canada is NOT a bilingual country, we were legislated as such, by politicians, to suit their aspirations. All the while Quebec remains unilingual French.

Ontario has an 'Office of Francophone Affairs' and an Office of 'French Language Services Commissioner'.  We have French Language Co-Ordinators (ensured in the French Language Services Act and Regulations) that promote French to each Ministry (Approx.30), Also over 200 public service entities who agreed to provide certain levels of French service (in exchange for funding), many of which are health care related, but also cover Justice, Education and Community and Social Services.

Ontario also has a group called ENTITE 4, to provide advice to 14 LHIN's with 6 more entities. To advise the advisers at ENTITE 4, we have another organization called the French Language Health Services Advisory Council. This council is formed by the 7 (taxpayer funded) associations noted below.

The following organizations are prescribed for the purposes of appointing members to the French Language Health Services Advisory Council:

  • Alliance des reseaux ontariens de sante en francais
  • Assemblee de la francophonie de l'Ontario (AFO)
  • Association francaise des municipalites de l'Ontario (AFMO)
  • Federation des aines et des retraites francophones de l'Ontario (FAFO)
  • Groupe francophone de l'Association des centres de sante de l'Ontario
  • Regroupement des intervenantes et intervenants francophones en sante en sante et en services sociaux de
  • l'Ontario (RIFSSSO)
  • Union Provinciale des Minorities Raciales et Ethnoculturelles Francophones de l'Ontario (UPMREF)

Who speaks up for English?

It's time to call a halt to the duplication of two languages, and the unfairness that is rampant in the hiring process. When all other factors such as 'MERIT' are of equal quality, rather than selecting representatives of the overwhelming majority of English-speaking residents, the hiring is geared towards the bilingual applicants.  French-speaking residents represent barely 4% of Ontario's population!

"An absurd, but systematic conquest is now going into its final stages despite the fact that English is still the language spoken, and/or understood by 95% of the residents of Ontario.  Today, we have become nonentities in our own country, unwelcome in our federal government service, and now to become unwelcome in our provincial and municipal government services, and in the entire Canadian job market. It has become self-evident that we have become second-class citizens in our own province.

I and others like me have had enough! Perhaps a possible Ontario election this year is the time for you to face reality and evaluate the policy of giving absolute priority to a power-seeking minority.

Ruth W.


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