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August 14, 2014

Same Old Bigots Still Pushing French Agenda

Re:  Movement pushes for official bilingualism policy in Ottawa by Marie-Danielle Smith - Ottawa Citizen August 13, 2014

Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF) are not surprised by the push for further bilingualism, although with French only health clinics, community centres, senior citizens housing, hospitals etc., it truly is NOT about bilingualism.  We say this in reference to the demand by the “National Movement for an Officially Bilingual Capital of Canada” for Ottawa to declare itself officially bilingual.  What CLF supporters ARE surprised about is that, when one Googles “National Movement for an Officially Bilingual Capital of Canada”, one cannot find a web page for the group anywhere.

Mr. de Courville Nicol claims that there is “more than 40 federal, provincial and regional associations support official bilingualism in Ottawa, as do the federal Liberals and NDP.”  However, one cannot verify this in any way, other than to take his word.  What one CAN find online, is a very long biography which states that he is, most recently, the founder of Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la Capitale canadienne (RGA), which is a private organization created in 1983 based out of Quebec.  RGA “regroups more than 800 Francophone business owners in the NCR”.  How many of those 800 Francophone business owners are in Ontario and how many are on the Quebec side?  The National Capital Region, which includes Gatineau, is NOT being asked to become more bilingual.  It is ONLY the City of Ottawa being asked.  We are definitely suspicious of ulterior motives, which we believe is why he created another association with an English name, rather than using RGA.

We (CLF) have a survey that RGA had University of Ottawa students go around with this spring, to bars, shopping centers, restaurants and more, rating businesses in the City of Ottawa about their bilingual services.  English speaking young adults, working in Ottawa, were so alarmed when they were approached that they contacted CLF about the fear that their jobs and livelihoods were under threat and with good reason.  They have already seen many of their Anglophone friends and family (especially east of Ottawa where the unrestricted use of the English language is now against the law due to sign bylaws) pack up and head west due to language discrimination. 

Mr. Nicol was right there with Pierre Trudeau, with the department of Secretary of State Canada from January 1970 to December 1971, and his title was “Head of the Federal Private Sector B & B, O.L”.  Online, it states that he was “responsible for the implementation of Book III, The Private Sector, Part 3, of the Bilingualism and Biculturalism Royal Commission and the creation of the Business Linguistic Center in Montreal with the participation of 125 major Anglophone businesses”.  We are sure those Anglophone businesses in Montreal appreciate all that was done for them and would recommend that Ottawa follow in their footsteps, because it worked SO well for them..NOT.

Before this goes any further, he MUST be challenged, by the media and by City of Ottawa politicians, to produce evidence of all the Ottawa businesses that support his project because we are suspect of where the support is coming from, especially with Quebec separatist turned Ontario Liberal, Madeline Meilleur, supporting his push.  The Liberals have said repeatedly at the banquet de la francophonie, that one is not a TRUE Canadian unless they speak French, which one could say is an insult to the majority of Ontarians of which over 96% are English speaking.  That, along with the fact that Ontario business cannot work in Quebec but they can come here and take all our jobs, has already created much tension in Ottawa.  Just ask the Greater Ottawa Truckers Association about “Fairness is a two-way street” and see what they say about fairness and jobs in Ottawa.

This is all being delivered to us by a man that has made pushing the French agenda his lifelong career and he should be exposed.  The amount of money Mr. Nicol has received from taxpayers over the decades for all of the French organizations that he created and/or served as President on, should also be revealed so people will understand that he is not the normal Franco-Ontarian just trying to live their lives.  He is one of the elites - one of those that do not think twice of trampling all over our INALIENABLE Rights and Freedoms.

By: Beth Trudeau

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