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July 5, 2014

Big Problem With Signs Warns Gerry

Ms Marianne Wilkinson

Ottawa City Hall

Ms. Wilkinson, we note that two signs have been erected to notify drivers of a road closure in Kanata. The first sign is French and the second, some distance further on, is English. Ontario is an English province, a place in which consideration is given to those few who speak French. That consideration does not extend to placing French ahead of English - under any circumstances.

We need not remind you that, in officially unilingual Quebec, no such consideration is given to English. In fact, English is vilified in that besotted province. We are angry that while we give Quebec $1.3 billion each month, Quebec spits and spews on everything English. Despite the venom, obsequious Ontario bends to virtually their every demand.

We respectfully request that the sign sequence be reversed as soon as possible and that warnings be issued indicating correct protocols.


Gerry Porter

Jill Forrest

Reply: Ms Marianne Wilkinson

The letter sent to you by Gerry Porter had the pictures of the two traffic advisory signs - let me find out exactly where they are.  Thank you very much for your offer to do something about this situation, Marianne.  We know that you are not one of the ones pushing for more bilingualism.  We understand that bilingual traffic signs are necessary but where does it say that the French signs should come before the English signs?

Reply From Kim McConnell

I just received a message from a City worker who wants to remain anonymous for fear of retribution:

"Would be interesting to know how many Quebec residents work for the City Of Ottawa and live on the Quebec side.  I am a city employee and have a code of conduct to abide by or I can be dismissed.  I can tell you the numbers are growing in every City department and they are pushing for more bilingual positions.  Most managers’ positions now require day 1 ready bilingual employees and since English is the majority language, positions are being filled with bilingual employees from the Quebec side.?

I sent her this table put together by a supporter.  This table was compiled many years ago and includes Federal public servants because we could not get the stats from the City about City employees coming from Quebec (privacy issues, apparently)

Maybe you can use your power of office to find out exactly how many City employees come from Quebec?

Kim McConnell


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