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Sunday, July 20, 2014

We Must Support Those Who Fight Back

Thank you for the feed-back, Keith.  I am very happy that you are reading Ron Coleman’s item in such a detailed manner.  We need more Canadians to read & understand our worries about Canada so that, one day, we might be able to get a strong enough government that is brave enough to tackle this very contentious issue.  At this point, the NDP & LIB together are stronger than the CPC so they dare not try anything too drastic.  They cannot afford to lose the next election because Trudeau Jr. is just as dangerous as his father, although he lacks his father’s intellect and deviousness.

Keep fighting, Keith!!!


p.s. more people are starting to fight back.  Here is a story from someone about language in planes:


I can and do speak up when I can.  Last fall my husband and I were flying US Air from Florida to Ottawa and we were at the front of the plane on the last leg of our trip.  The flight attendant, being US Air, did the announcements only in English.  This man quietly told her she was flying into Canada and the announcements should be done in both languages.  She must have been train to deal with this or has seen it before because she put him in his place so fast, it was awesome to see. 

But.... He did not quit so I jumped in and then my husband jumped in.  He still would not quit but neither did we.  I thought they were going to call security to meet us in Ottawa.  But they didn’t.   It felt soooo good to put him in his place and have the backing of the airline because they are US based. 

Makes my blood boil.  Have a great rainy Sunday and thank you for all you do.  When I retire I will be front and center fighting this battle with you. 



In 2012, I got a call from an employee of an airline who was very worried about Graham Fraser’s many attempts to force more Canadians to become proficient in French. She and all of us know that this is just a ploy to force the employment of French-speakers and force job-losses for more unilingual English-speakers. She said that she dared not complain because she might lose her job - she consulted her union as to what could be done but the union was very unhelpful. A long-time employee who had done her job well had to worry about taking time off (unpaid of course) to attend French lessons, knowing that at the end, she won’t be French “enough” because no one can become proficient in another, seldom heard or used language, in one year!!! Outrageous!!!

On that issue, I am glad to have good news to report. I received this message just a few weeks ago:


We need more people to get mad and fight against this abominable policy - don’t wait till it affects you directly to do something because, by then, it’ll be too late!!!

Kim McConnell


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