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27 January 2015

I Ask The Question

Are THE PEOPLE --  (the English speaking people) in Canada aware of what is going on?

Does the average Canadian know that the English language is practically outlawed in the province of Quebec? With the leaders of some of the largest "public sector unions" inline with proposed laws that wish to completely "do away with bilingualism" all together?

Whether that law passed or not, it's important.  What is important to note is that these VERY POWERFUL public service union leaders are very much in tune with this --- do away with English --- anti "bilingualism" policy in the province of Quebec. I mean really?  We're not even talking "anti English" anymore.

Does the average Canadian know that elderly English speaking people in the province of Quebec (people who have lived in this CANADIAN PROVINCE all their lives) have to sometimes wait weeks before -- an interpreter -- can be brought in to finally get the staff at the nursing home to arrange for a desperately needed dentist for a toothache?

Does anyone (let alone an elderly person who has a weak disposition by sheer virtue of the fact that they are elderly) not realize what it must be like to live for a week (or any amount of time for that matter) with a freakin toothache?

Actually, it doesn't even matter what "THE ISSUE" is specifically ... when one considers were talking about --- An interpreter for the --- English language --- in the province of Quebec, Canada?  Really?

Is this the reality?   We have A PROVINCE inside the country of Canada with staff working there that CANNOT speak (or understand) the common language of the very country they are living in enough to help these elderly people?

For crying out loud.  REALLY ???  While at the same time French groups are demanding ALL OF CANADA know French to accommodate them?

If these Canadian citizens / public service employee's cannot speak or understand the English language to this degree THEN BY GOSH, THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY HAD BETTER WAKE UP AS THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM.

On the other hand... If these public service employee's CAN indeed SPEAK and or understand the English language but, are refusing to do so under the guise of the now --- oh so infamous ---

vous êtes au Québec. Ici les choses se passent en français seulement


THEN THIS HUGE PROBLEM MUST BE FACED HEAD ON and dealt with by the RoC as our FEDERAL government NEEDS for the CANADIAN CITIZENS to let them know IN NUMBERS that this cannot continue.

Not to mention.

The so called "community groups" mentioned in the clip which are supposed to be there to HELP these people. These groups are run by the very people who treat these people this way to begin with. PLUS, these people are told that, if there is a problem they should complain. REALLY ?? Complain?  And end up facing worse treatment as a result?

These vulnerable people -- are in the lions den -- and dependent on the good nature and kind treatment of the very people they are being told to complain about.


As you see in this newspaper article, it is quite common for these folks to react quite harshly -- to the average everyday able bodied folk -- who stand up against them.

Just imagine what they would do to the frail old people complaining about --- OF ALL THINGS --- an issue revolving around  -- their almighty French language --


Does the average Canadian not realize that, the concept of the French pushing the idea of LIVING, WORKING AND PLAYING IN FRENCH ONLY (OUTSIDE THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC) means that everyone else (the majority 84% non French Canadians speaking people outside the province of Quebec) MUST then cater to this tiny minority group living outside the province of Quebec --- in FRENCH ONLY.

Does the average Canadian know that the rules and laws within the province of Quebec are geared to the exact opposite of living in a bilingual country where accommodations are made so ALL Canadians can live harmoniously?

None of what is being done in the province of Quebec has any form of accommodation towards Canada's so called (by the French most often) "TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES" or bilingualism within Canada.

SO, either the average Canadian DOES NOT KNOW about all of these things or, they -- DO KNOW -- and are cold hearted and don't care.

I HAVE TO BELIEVE --- WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE ---  (and hope springs eternal inside me) that Canadians are good people but, because our Canadian media is somewhat complicit in NOT making light of these issues most Canadians JUST simply DON'T KNOW to what degree these things are happening.

Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that WE (those of us who -- DO KNOW -- about this issue) find ways to GET THIS MESSAGE OUT in whatever form we can. What does that entail? Well, in today's world one of THEEEE most effective ways to reach THOUSANDS of people in any given INSTANT...IS ONLINE.  On the INTERNET.

And, one of the most innocuous places to reach these thousands of people ONLINE is in everyday news and current event chat forums like this online newspaper. They allow comments to be posted with links in them. A very useful tool.

I have been told that if "the story introducing a video clip" is compelling and captivating enough and presents a GOOD ENOUGH argument for why someone should take a moment to watch a video clip MOST PEOPLE will watch.  Now, whether they will watch to the end is another thing but MOST WILL "check it out."

ALSO: another VERY IMPORTANT fact is EVERYTHING posted on these news sites and, as messages under a YouTube video, then become SEARCHABLE in Google. Why do i mention this?  Well, YouTube is filled with articles, videos and clips of all sorts that present many variations of this information in a manner that makes it easy for people TO KNOW AND SEE for themselves exactly what is going on.

PLUS, wherever you find ONE OF THESE CLIPS there is usually a way to post a message... YOUR MESSAGE / OUR MESSAGE / THE MESSAGE from CANADIANS WHO CARE.

Just think... If every time you come across a YouTube video on this topic, you leave a well worded message with a video clip link to a page (say, the Canadians for Language fairness page) as an example or a YouTube page that has videos dealing with this topic there is a good chance that one or two (or even several hundred of --- the often several thousands -- ) people seeing your message will go to that YouTube page and watch all or part of that video you spoke of.

People will often then read the comments and either:

A) learn MORE about your message or

B) be compelled to go watch another video based on your well written message.

Heck, they may even be compelled to leave a message of their own which directs people to OTHER videos that THEY ARE AWARE OF which we don't know about that send a powerful message also. WE MUST all play a part in spreading the word about what is going on. It ONLY TAKES a moment to comment on a video with your well worded message that contains A LINK to a video which informs people of what is going on.

Another thing to note is ... When you see a good video which helps spread the word clicking on "like" or the "thumbs up" on these videos gives them a higher rating on YouTube and thus they can be easier to find in searches as they move up the rungs.


This is just friendly information on how we must all try to spread the word in these news forums, YouTube pages and other online places.

And I'll tell ya'll one thing... I can honestly say with a great deal of certainty that THE FRENCH powers that be are doing exactly (ON A DAILY BASIS) what i am explaining that we ALL should DO

as they are indeed getting THEIR "Canada MUST BE a (what they call "bilingual" but really means "FRENCH" country) MESSAGE OUT.

In Solidarity

Keith B.


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