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Mayor Drew Dilkins Of Windsor City To Be Congratulated

Saturday 12 December 2015

We would like to send a note of congratulations to Mayor Drew Dilkins of Windsor City, Ontario. Mayor Dilkins is quite right to say that the City of Windsor should not be forced to bilingualize the City's administration - there is NO need to for the small number of French-speakers!!

What the French want and plan to accomplish is an officially bilingual province by 2025. With the concerted and well-planned actions of the French elite (from the U of Ottawa) plus all the French politicians at the municipal & provincial level, they hope to accomplish the following:

  1.  Force official bilingual status on the City of Ottawa by 2017
  2.  Force official bilingual status on the province of Ontario by 2025

The French Language Services act (passed in 1986) under very suspicious circumstances was to start the process of finally forcing official bilingualism on Ontario. Pierre E. Trudeau's 1982 Constitution inserted the Official Languages Act (1969) to make the Federal government operate in English & French and added the Charter for the courts to enforce it. However, Language is still a provincial purview. New Brunswick made the very bad mistake (under Premier Robichaud) to become officially bilingual when the Federal government passed the OLA in 1969. Quebec decided to become officially unilingual French when Robert Bourassa passed Bill 22 in 1974 (followed by Bill 178 & 101) by using the Notwithstanding clause found in the 1982 Constitution. The other provinces haven't had the guts to protect their English-speaking majority using the same clause. The French activists always say that Canada is an officially bilingual country - don't stop reminding them that Canada is only Officially Bilingual at the federal government level. In November of this year, the Supreme Court ruled that Alberta & Saskatchewan do not need to translate all their laws or be forced to give services in French, where numbers do NOT warrant it.

Just as a note of interest, we asked a City Official how much the Ottawa City budget would cost if the 300,000 words are translated into French. The ball-park figure is $70,000. So just think of what it would cost if the whole City's administration is done in both languages. Apart from the tremendous cost of this exercise, think of all our citizens who will not be able to work for the city and we'll have to increase our city's employees from Quebec!! Think about this & help us fight it!!! We are looking for people who are willing to sign our petition & help us with the advertising costs.

Kim McConnell


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