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08 April 2014

Quebec Election - A Very Sad Day For Canada

Why you might ask?

Well it’s pretty simple. Fact - Nothing will change in Quebec. The racist, bigoted, xenophobic anti - English language policies (bill 101…) will still be law. The province is broke, almost 200 billion in debt, it will remain a have not province, and in turn will continue to milk the rest of the country dry financially through the equalization payments, subsides, grants scam…all sorts of big government , high debt, high taxes, socialist nonsense.

Quebec will continue to offer its citizens things that the rest of the country can NOT afford, such as $7 a day daycare, subsided hydro rates - 40% less then the rest of the country, a dairy quota - monopoly over the entire country, the lowest university tuition fees in the country - 50% less then the rest of the country…and on and on and on…

That’s right folks, you, English speaking Canadians outside Quebec fund, subsidize all of this through your taxes, like it or not. But it gets better, not only do you fund all of these things that you can’t get outside Quebec, but you are also discriminated against when working for your own government, police force, hospitals…anything publically funded. Again, you might ask, what the hell are you talking about? Well we have a government forced bilingual (code for french) policy only outside Quebec, that’s right, Quebec is a french only province by law (bill 101…) yet the rest of the country has to function as an officially bilingual country when it comes to all government jobs. In other words and you can go check for yourself, francophones are grossly over represented in all government jobs and they are NOT fluently bilingual.

The country is in deep, deep trouble, just go look at all the debt mounting federally and provincially, all across the country.

So if you think having the liberals in power in Quebec is going to change anything, well you are not too bright, not too bright at all. Simply put you are brain dead if you think anything will change in Quebec, brain dead, like most uninformed Canadians.

Anthony Silvestro,

Ottawa, Ont


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