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21 July 2014

Letter to the Editor

By: Beth Trudeau

Embrun, Ont.

So Have You Noticed The Trend?

This week there was the announcement that former Mayor of London Ontario, Joe Fontana, was sentenced to four months of house arrest for crimes committed when he was a federal Liberal cabinet Minister.  He must also pay a $1,000 “victim surcharge” payment and must repay the $1,700 he stole to pay for his sons’ wedding in 2005. 

In May 2014, Deputy Mayor of South Stormont Tammy Hart, a well-known Conservative landowner, was fined one Month’s pay for speaking out against the Township’s “picking and choosing winners” attitude after it was voted on, by an “Integrity Commissioner” who interviewed those involved over the phone, insinuating and implying that she has to “get along” or she will get dinged more the next time she doesn’t “go with the flow” although SHE was elected to represent the people and the “Commissioner” is appointed by the Ontario Liberal government who are STILL being investigated for the theft of Billions of dollars due to the E-Health scandal, ORNGE, gas plants, Pan Am games and so much more.  Mrs Hart has no form of appeal and there was no victim, yet she is being penalized more than a Liberal found guilty of theft in court which means this is a Kangaroo court, aiding in once again, silencing opposing opinions

Also announced this week was the confirmation that the ORGA World fiasco was in fact, a HUGE fiasco and resulted in Mayor Jim Watson and those on the “Environmental” Committee running around trying to point the fingers at the bureaucrats who “advised” them wrongly because the Councillors DID NOT DO THEIR DUE DILIGENCE and READ for THEMSELVES the contract. 

Imagine signing a contract without reading it first!!  The Mayor claims that those involved have already ALL moved on so no one has to be reprimanded.  Funny how CAO Kent Kirkpatrick is still there and no one is looking at him at all because “he sat back” on that one, and let those they have already let go, run the show on their own, you gullible fools.  No one to be held accountable for the MILLIONS of extra dollars that will have to pay to get out of this contract because they are not going to go after anyone for compensation, and they’re already gone, anyway.  Or so they say.  But dare anyone challenge them in court? 

In 2008, when a couple of taxpayers and residents of this province, who thought it unjust and ultra vires for any municipality in Ontario to have bilingual sign bylaws and challenged if they were “ultra-vires” in court, they discovered how expensive it can get.  And the punishment for their audacity of challenging the government was combined, $180,000 over and above their lawyer costs.  That is right, although they broke no laws, had no victims, and were standing up for ALL of our rights and freedom of expression, they must pay more than a LIBERAL politician that STOLE from taxpayers; they must pay more than Ontario LIBERAL politicians that are the bosses of those “investigating” all of their billion dollar boondoggles; and these people who had the gall to challenge the system, must pay more than any LIBERAL politician involved in Adscam ever did.  The Supreme Court has refused to hear their appeal of a judgement where Superior Court justices acknowledge right in the ruling, that they are taking away Brisson’s INDIVIDUAL rights in favour of GROUP rights, and the Supreme Court does not have to offer an explanation as to why they refuse to hear any case.  The punishment is supposed to fit the crime.  What was the crime to justify the obscene punitive charges laid?

More and more, court rulings do not have rulings that justify the punishment, making one believe that we no longer have a justice system, but instead, we have a legal system designed to make lawyers and judges get rich with the help of politicians and their rules and regulations that must be challenged or we lose certain rights and freedom and they are ensuring that the appeal of challenging any government is deterred by punitive judgements and outrageous legal costs. 

Meanwhile, as the courts remove more and more of our God-given rights and freedoms because we are letting them, more and more we are hearing demands for the Senate to be done away with. 

While little is said about the ever increasing role of unelected judges in dictating law instead of upholding the law; of rulings that deal with INDIVIDUAL rights and freedoms that should be allowed to be debated in the highest court in our land, the Supreme Court of Canada, but are not being allowed, the media is having a fiesta with the Senate “scandals”. 

While all Senators now under attack from an Auditor, having had the rules changed halfway through the game by those that wish to justify the removal of the Senate, unelected judges are dictating our laws and the majority of our politicians, who are supposed to represent WE THE PEOPLE, allow them to get away with it.  Why does the Prime Minister of Canada NOT have the power to declare what is the law of the land if the law has been passed in parliament and why does he have to bow to an unelected judge?

The Senate was supposed to be formed BY PROPERTY OWNERS and ONLY property owners are supposed to be Senators and it is their DUTY to ensure and guard our INALIENABLE private property rights, which they have not been and are not doing, because, like SO MANY politicians at all levels, they do NOT know and have not done their due diligence and are getting away with it. 

If we allow the Senate, our house of Sober Second Thought, to be abolished, but allow our judges to reign supreme without being answerable to anyone, we will truly be a Communist Country. 

Look at the Ottawa hockey team that the Dean banned for the season; individual rights and freedoms be damned once again.  Innocent until proven guilty, such a basic necessity to a truly democratic society was also removed. 

With over ½ million laws, Ontario is well on our way to being a Communist province, as the recent provincial election proved with the OPP “union” coming out in support of the “someone-is-crooked-but-not-yet-charged-because-we-are-still-being-investigated-by our supporters” Liberal party of Ontario. 

So, do you see the trend?  Are you ready to join us and do what is right and just for every single INDIVIDUAL, especially our children, who already owe over $23,000 to the government TODAY and they have even less say than we do?  How much are you going to make THEM owe on YOUR behalf, to make YOUR life easier before you will find the time and make the effort for them? 


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