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I've Had Enough



Have you ever heard of Nostradamus? You can be forgiven for not recognizing the name. He dates back to 1629, a few years even before my time.

He predicted many things, floods, pestilence, wars, earthquakes, eruptions etc; some with great accuracy, he would have been known as a “seer” in his time. Always considered controversial, but quite often his predictions materialized even after many centuries. There are others whose names escape me at the moment but nevertheless there are those who can and have predicted the future.

I will make a prediction and you may classify me as a silly old fool but regardless I predict that Canada will suffer a Civil War. Yes, a Civil War. A Civil War over language.

English verses French. The complacent English majority of Canada are slowly starting to awaken to the subtle and again not so subtle takeover of our once proud Nation.

Pierre Trudeau set things in motion in 1982, Louis Robichaud, the Premier of N.B. followed suit followed by Premier Hatfield who sold out for a few votes.

Think I’m crazy?  Apply for a job with the civil service. If your surname is not French forget it. Better to buy a ticket out west. Even out there the Federal Government have sold out to the French zealots and demand bilingual abilities for Federal jobs.

When a minority language demands and receives precedence over the majority something has to be wrong. Do I hear politics?  Right on, we are governed by a cowering few who haven’t the courage to speak to the truth. Do we have a choice? You bet your butt!

The Peoples Alliance Party of New Brunswick realize that language fairness in a bilingual Province is far and away better than the confrontational approach offered by the present governing parties.

Need I say more?

That’s the way I see it.


Ted Ross

New Brunswick


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