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31 March 2014

K. Mcl Tells Conservatives About Merit vs Language

A Message To The Conservative Party

The Merit vs Language issue in Canada jumps to mind.  While stationed with a major NORAD HQ in Washington State, I observed a similar example. Race relations in the States is obviously a huge ongoing social problem. While stationed there, I was often required to write Evaluation Reports on USAF personnel. Higher ups quickly apprised of the fact that every (EVERY) report had to include the statement that “this member supports the Equal Opportunity Act”. If that statement was missing it implied that the USAF Service member did NOT support the Equal Opportunity laws. For those unfamiliar, the so-called Equal Opportunity laws evolved into an employment gate through which unqualified blacks replaced fully qualified whites in a wide range of positions both civil & military. A good friend of mine had his “protected” position at a GMC slot deleted as a result of the Equal Opportunity BS. When he left the USAF he had no job protection in place. A smart, ambitious man, he was left dangling in the wind when he returned home.

Some years later, on  duty at NDHQ in the Personnel Evaluation Section I saw an accumulation of statements in written reports from our on-the-ground assessors that “this member is bilingual and supports the Official Languages Act”.  It was clear that we were on the same track, in a different field, as were the Americans. The so-called Equal Opportunity program has in due time been declared a disaster in the States. The details are readily available in books & on the net.

Canada? In general, the broad bulk of the liberal-minded Canadian population has yet to fully appreciate what a huge financial & thoroughly disruptive burden that the OLA places on its people. The Western provinces, discounting Manitoba; & the Maritimes, discounting New Brunswick, have only a vague interest in the matter. And so we are left with a liberal Ontario with its Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail & the telecom media giants to churn out the usual BS.   

K. McL


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