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31 March 2014

A Plethora Of Pleas To Mr PM

Several of our readers wrote to the PM regarding the Champlain Bridge.  All those who wrote received the same reply.  The attached is the one sent to Orlin Olsen from Manitoba.

Maybe they are paying attention after all!!!



Right Honourable Stephen Harper,

Prime Minister of Canada.

Honourable Prime Minister:

Like many Canadians I am questioning why the federal government should be gifting the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec five billion dollars of the Canadian taxpayer's money to replace the Champlain bridge. No doubt the bridge needs replacing,  but it should fall upon the city of Montreal and province of Quebec to raise the money to fund this new structure. This is how building and maintaining infrastructure is done in the other provinces. The federal government for some reason owns the present bridge built in 1962, but that is past history and should not be repeated. Every province from time to time requires new infrastructure which they are responsible for building and maintaining.  Why is Quebec any different?

Sorry, but we are one nation and the same rules should apply to everyone.


Orlin Olsen



When is this pandering to Quebec going to stop?  What in heaven's name is the federal government doing funding a bridge for Quebec?  Have you all gone insane?  Building bridges in Canada is a provincial jurisdiction.  The two bridges recently opened in B.C. were built with provincial funds financed, in large part, with vehicular tolls.  The Champlain bridge should be built with Quebec dollars not MY tax dollars.

I urge you to reconsider your position and do not under any circumstances spend $5 billion in order to mollify Quebecers.  Thank you.




Dear Primer Minister Harper:

Just to let you know, I can accept a replacement bridge which is funded by tolls, but there is no way that I or any of my friends and family will support any political party that is willing to fund that bridge using taxpayers money from the rest of Canada.




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