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31 March 2014


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

In follow-up to my registered letter and subsequent emails on the language issue I would like to advise that I've yet to receive a response to the specific concerns mentioned in the letter and therefore taken the next step in my civic duty to maintain democracy. Specifics have not been addressed and are getting worse. It has become clear that where language is concerned here in Canada it is OK for government to act against the majority and diminish their equality and expectations of freedom originally stated in our Constitution. The Charter, much like the Languages Commission, are obvious instruments of propegating French or Official Language Apartheid. We no longer have the Freedom of Expression (Bill 22 or Bill Z22 in NB and On), distinct educational institutions (Section 16.1 of Charter) or services (free FSL training) to help English NBers. Jobs are language based and not merit based. As the exemption form for Forced French Immersion stated, there are implications for English as we are being exploited and misrepresented with no coverage from the Charter! 

Dear ERNBA Members,

Government denied the English MAJORITY access and input on the Language Law Review in 2012 while meeting with French lobbyists and special interest groups (including Quebec). There is absolutely no reply to specific concerns and we are handed the old 'company line' that government FULLY supports bilingualism!! That is bullshit because they aren't preserving let alone promoting English - only French! Our boys resting in Flanders Field and elsewhere must be turning in their graves! How can our politicians have the complete audacity to attend Nov. 11th ceremonies!!

No representation means NO TAXES and if government continues to act against and discriminate against NB's English I say we find a way to stop financing our own demise. That is better than governments' racist OLA that focuses spending, hiring policies, preservation and promotion, government representation, education, health and immigration using majority taxation for minority only representation and promotion.

This is not about bilingualism and this is NOT DEMOCRATIC! The whole reason for bilingualism stems from terrorist threats of violence. It was voted against (Meech Lake Accord and subsequent provincial votes) and the only benefits fall on the minority while the country suffers reduced healthcare, infrastructure, etc. Trillions spent with barely a mark on the National scene for bilingualism but the laws are strengthening as are the transfre payments to Quebec! The most crooked province also the most powerful and they restrict English and discourage bilingualism while we accept their policies, sign laws and turning everything French through social engineering and subverting the beaurocracy of Democratic Governance and exploit and divide the Canadian people - especially NB! This started with a poor response and began the corrosion of our democratic and free lives here in Canada.

Government is complicit and they are no better than the lobbyists they help to spread lies, misinformation and divisiveness.

OUR DUTY is to grab the torch of those who fought and often paid the ultimate price to ensure. Whether at home or abroad we are supposed to Stand on Guard - we are sadly lacking and disgracing the efforts of two world wars! Don't defend your activism and argue the benefits of 'bilingualism' because this is language apartheid and we have more than enough proof of such.

You are being taken advantage of and cut out of the democratic process. You are not a bigot for voicing your concerns and demanding representation! Get in their faces (government) in large numbers! Demand free French Second Language training or else reparation for turning NB into an Annex of Quebec. Put the truth out there and use facts and laws that reinforce your position. Talk outside of Facebook - print this for instance and distribute at least 20 copies around town or deliver them to people you know for starters. Stay focused and speak of what is wrong with English representation such as preservation and promotion in hiring policies, education and services.

If you don't accept your DUTY as a Canadian - a member of a free society - then I would simply ask that you admit that you are indifferent and wish to remain apathetic to avoid discomfort or risk and PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND the NOVEMBER 11th CEREMONIES from this point forth for it is disrespectful and and insult to our veterans and our fallen. DO SOMETHING! DO IT IN GROUPS! JUST DO IT!

ERNBA Founder and Admin (900 + members)

Barry Irvine

Action Item #2:

One email from every member of ERNBA (and other language rights groups) marked NO MORE ENGLISH TAXES as the subject field or somewhere on the envelope if sent traditional mail. The PMs email is and I have the traditional address here somewhere if needed. Send a copy to the PM then CC a copy to your MP and the MLA of your riding. Do you think that might get some attention to this little matter of Institutional Racism! We are still fighting back with democratic tools and using diplomacy to answer this subversion of democracy through exploitation and misinformation. We are, in fact, the ONLY ones.

Thank you for your valuable time and I hope this time we can start addressing and not just acknowledging our specific concerns.

Yours Faithfully,

Barry Irvine

Campbellton, NB


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