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Kim & Dick Say No More Financial Support

Dear Sirs & Madams

This is to let you know what a huge disappointment your party has been to the English-speakers of Canada. When you were given a majority to govern for the good of the majority (that is what a democracy does - look after the interests of the majority), you totally ignored the English-speaking Canadians, both inside and outside Quebec.

Inside Quebec, you did nothing for the English-speakers when they were so badly mistreated by the Quebec government.  The rights of English-speakers were totally ignored by the Liberal government and now Pauline Marois’ Separatist government has taken this abuse to ridiculous limits.  I don’t need to tell you about the many provincial legislation targeting the rights of English-speakers and the laughing stock that the language police are making of Quebec (and by extension, also Canada).  Even Federal facilities in Quebec are forced to capitulate to the French supremacist policies of Quebec.

Outside Quebec, where French-speakers make up a little over 3% of the country’s population, they are treated with more deference than all other Canadians, given generous grants & subsidies to protect, promote and preserve their language & culture.  As if this is not enough, French-speakers are given preferential hiring because the Official Languages Act makes proficiency in a minority language more important than a person’s credentials (qualification & experience).  The guideline of applying this policy “where numbers warrant” is totally ignored.  The obvious result is that French-speakers dominate the number of hired public servants and most departments and agencies are over-represented by French-speakers.  See table attached which shows that where bilingualism is imperative, 62.2% of the appointments go to Francophones.

Although I accept that this situation may not be one created by your government, you have done very little to correct the situation.  You have not even tried to apply the obvious guideline of “where numbers warrant”.  Don’t you think that you could at least try to do that?

What is even worse is the fact that, in any address to the Canadian public or even to foreign governments, you start your speech in French first!!!  What’s the reason for this?  Don’t you know that every time you do that, you annoy more Conservative voters and you cut off more Conservative supporters whose only way of expressing their annoyance is to stop ALL donations?

That is why we’re writing to you - to tell you that we are NO longer willing to support you financially.

Kim & Richard McConnell


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