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Dear Prime Minister Harper,

After reading the following email from Canadians for Language Fairness, I am also outraged that Na Ree Gilbert-Lesieur, Analyst, Compliance Assurance Branch, Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, a person who is supposed to be fair and balanced in the application of the Official Languages Act, stated "However, our interpretation of the Official Languages Act (the Act) makes us conclude that federal institutions do not have the obligation to present the official languages in a certain order.".  This person obviously has little or no knowledge of the regulations enacted to implement the Official Languages Act including the Federal Identity Program and perhaps should not be holding this position.  Or, if the interpretation stated by this person is the official position of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, then you may as well scrap the Federal Identify Program as it has absolutely no meaning or reason for existence.

Unfortunately, I believe that this is the normal approach of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages whenever complaints are made by one of the majority English speakers in Canada.  That is to find any reason, however obscure or incorrect, to reject the complaint.

I trust that your office will look into this matter and take the appropriate corrective action.

Robert Hurter


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