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27 March 2017

April 20 Planned Rally For OB Ottawa

So many issues to worry about & all the French activists want to do is keep pressuring the City of Ottawa into caving in.  They have called for a rally at City Hall on April 20 & they're looking for pro-French supporters.  The English-language group would like to send a group opposing these loud-mouths wanting to use any excuse to dominate in Ottawa, and then to spread the Quebecois power into Ontario.  Most of us know what's happening but very few English speakers know what to do.  Maybe you feel that we've already lost the battle - after all, we have NO political party willing to fight for us.  Public servants are too afraid of their French bosses to speak up.  One of them wrote:

Hi Kim : On the subject of Islam I believe this letter really hits the nail on the head.

On the subject of language discrimination in the public civil service, our ADM has sent out his survey again to see if anything is improving. This is the same survey that got me a meeting with him last year. I talked to Chris about it once, but I never heard from him again. When P.E. Trudeau came to power in 1968, only 9%  of civil servant in the National Capital region were Francophone. Today that figure is close to 90% with almost all managers being Francophone. As I mentioned earlier the government's definition of discrimination and harassment cover everything except language and/or linguistic ability.   With over 90 % of the managers being Francophone (in my dept. 21 out of 23) it’s not hard to understand why Anglophone have fear of reprisals and therefore do not want to come forward and complain. In my case my wife has said many times that she fears for my safety and job security if I complain too loudly.  This will continue until the government changes these definitions of discrimination.

Anglophones have nothing to fall back on, at best the complaint falls on deaf ears and nothing gets done. At worst you can end up black listed, dismissed, transferred to some remote outpost, or simply harassed until you quit!  The challenge is to get enough people united as one strong voice too loud to be ignored and tell the government that we have rights and we want them respected!

I can probably arrange another meeting with our ADM, but one on one I don’t think I will gain very much. As head of the CLF he might be interested in hearing your opinion on these matters.   What we also need is some key Anglophone players who are willing to come forward and verify that we are being discriminated against every day, that is not going to be easy to do.


Doesn't that bother you?  What can we do to push back?

My suggestion is that we ask public servants to form a group that I will only contact by b.c.c.  We already have some who are still in the public service and we have people who are retired who may be  willing to come out to help.  If you're on this list, you will be informed as to what action can be taken.  If you have suggestions as to what can be done, we are willing to listen.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

In the meantime, read the message below & tell me if you are willing to let the French intimidate the City Councillors into giving in.  Remember that, just like the Francophones in Quebec, these people don't know when to stop!!  The more they get, the more they want!!  We back off, they gain ground!!!


OTTAWA - Activists do not want to let go of Ottawa's bilingual designation. A rally will be held on Thursday, April 20 to raise awareness of the issue.

SÉBASTIEN PIERROZ  | @sebpierroz

The initiative developed by the Franco-Ontarian Youth Federation (FESFO), the Franco-Ontarian Student Group (RÉFO), the Association of Francophone Communities of Ottawa (ACFO of Ottawa), and the activists for the designation , Is above all "a day of public support for bilingual Ottawa".

The rally would be a march to Ottawa City Hall in the afternoon, with the rallying in the evening. "We are in the process of confirming the final details," said Alain Dupuis, Director General of OCHA and Vice-President of ACFO in Ottawa.

A precision made during an interview with various media during the Rendez-vous francophone of the Mayor of Ottawa, Friday March 24th in the morning.

"We invite the Francophone and Anglophone communities to participate, all those who support official bilingualism ... We also want to look for schools and school boards."

The rallying that evening, the place of which is not yet known, would be the occasion of a series of speeches of francophone and anglophone leaders.

"We are in 2017, the year is not over," said Mr. Dupuis. Moved by the bilingual Ottawa initiative, activists still want to see the adoption of a municipal by-law in 2017 to recognize the bilingual nature of the federal capital and preserve the city's long-term French-language services policy .

This Mayor's "francophone luncheon" remains an opportunity to "network", but also for the activists of the bilingual Ottawa initiative to present their arguments to the municipal councilors present. Eight of those elected were part of the scene this morning.

"A city, two languages" ... but not officially. #ottawa #onfr

- Ajà Besler (@ajaBesler) 24 March 2017

The record of official bilingualism was however not present in the speeches of the 11 th Go francophone from Ottawa Mayor. "We were not expecting a mention of official bilingualism," says Aja Besler, president of ACFO in Ottawa. "For our association, it was important to show our presence."

Unforgettable lunch

The event did not depart from the rule of previous years. First with a speech of a few minutes Jim Watson, time to remember that the City of Ottawa is always looking for ways to improve municipal services. Then the development of a Francophone initiative. This year, Anne-Marie White, the director of Ottawa's New Scene, was the guest of honor to discuss the conclusion of the arts center's work.

Asked by the media about the bilingual designation shortly after these "festivities", Mayor Jim Watson has, as usual, justified his refusal of a bilingual designation: "The City of Ottawa passed a formal law in 2001 that says City of Ottawa is bilingual (...) Most people do not know that it is not just a policy, it is an official law. It's a surprise to many people when I explain. "

A reference in fact to the adoption by the City Council of Ottawa on May 9, 2001 of the famous bilingualism policy modeled on that of the former City of Ottawa.

Candidate for his own succession for 2018, Jim Watson insists. "The great majority of francophones have other interests, not just bilingualism. They support my positions on taxes, transit, cleaning up the Ottawa River. There is a reason why 80% of the population thinks I do a good job (...) I won all the francophone districts in the last election. It's not just anglophones who support Jim Watson. "

Whistles during the show on Montfort

Still on Wednesday the mayor had received whistles once on stage in front of 3000 participants in the show's 20 th anniversary of rallying Montfort. "Bilingual Ottawa! Ottawa bilingual! Ottawa bilingual! "Chanted a few dozen people. Mr. Watson had left the event shortly after this incident.

"It's democracy, the people have the right to support or not support the position of politicians," says Watson. "I am a little disappointed when some members of the francophone community attack a member of the Algonquin community who speaks only English. It is not polite to aboriginal people. "

"People have shown their dissatisfaction with the position of the mayor," Mr. Dupuis summarized.

Valerie Price of ACT for Canada has sent a reminder re:  Wednesday March 29th

ACT! For Canada is pleased to present an evening with


On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Trevor Loudon is a celebrated author, filmmaker and political commentator from New Zealand, who has been researching the radical left for more than 30 years and is the foremost expert on left-wing organizers of mass protests.

He will be discussing the radical left-wing philosophy of mass protests, the unique relationship between communism and political Islam as well as Motion M-103 before the Canadian parliament.


Date:                              Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time:                              6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Location:                        Ottawa Public Library, Main Auditorium

Address:                         120 Metcalfe St. (corner of Laurier Ave. W.)

Cost:                              $20.00;  students with ID $15.00 (cash only!)

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