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25 January 2018

A New Threat To Canada

In our battle against the growing power of the French-speakers in Canada, we should not ignore the fact that Islamism is also a growing threat.  How big of a threat it is to Western Civilization (Europe, N. America, Australia) will depend on several considerations:

1.    Are our political leaders aware of what’s happening in Europe?  Is the influx of a foreign culture changing the home culture by force of number using our basic concepts of Democracy – Free Speech, Rule of Law, Human Rights to build groups that have agendas that are diametrically opposed to the structure of the established society?  By “force of number”, I’m referring to using their group identities to vote for leaders who advocate changing our laws to suit them.  How have such groups (which are usually very small) become so powerful? 

2.    Special interest groups, if they meet the socialist agenda, are usually well-funded & they are well-organized because they’re able to convince their own kind that they are VICTIMS.  They have successfully convinced, especially the younger members of our complacent society, that these groups have suffered because the majority have denied them their demands for equality.

3.    The demand for Equality sounds so fair & just that it is difficult to argue against it, until you examine what it really refers to.  Do these groups want equal funding as members of the minority as are given to the majority?  We all know that this is impossible, when applied to any of the demands “special interest” groups.  A group of 10,000 cannot get the same amount of funding as 100,000 – the smaller group would get disproportionately more.  To counter this demand – why don’t we eliminate “Group Rights” and replace it with “Individual Rights”.

Gerry Porter is drawing our attention to the Liberal Party’s over-emphasis on the protection of the Muslims in Canada.  Apparently, Justin Trudeau is very anxious to court the Muslim vote – he wants to designate January 29th as Islamophobia Day 

Have you any thoughts on that suggestion?

Kim McConnell

On 1/19/2018 8:28 AM, Gerry Porter wrote:

Folks, the National Council of Canadian Muslims has made a formal request to Prime Minister Trudeau to designate January 29 as a "National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia."

Should Mr. Trudeau agree, and considering both his fondness for Islam and his belief that Muslims are seriously misunderstood and mistreated, we have every reason to believe that he will agree to so declare.  Recall that this same man recently engineered the passage of M-103 in the House of Commons.

Last spring, Prime Minister Trudeau had this to say about Muslims: “On behalf of our family, Sophie and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in Canada and around the world."

These good wishes from our Prime Minister were offered despite the widespread mayhem and murder that Muslims, acting on behalf of their religion, routinely impose on host nations throughout the West - not to mention the murderous internecine chaos that permeates existing Islamic places. 

Here is what La Presse wrote about Islamophobia, September 2016:

"The concept of Islamophobia is,byitself, a weapon wielded by Islamists to prevent criticism of their totalitarian program. The terrorist attacks that took place in Belgium in March 2016 have led some mainstream media in that country to reconsider the organizations screaming ‘Islamophobia’ as soon as commentators criticize one trend or another of Islam.

"recent report by the Belgian French-language public broadcaster, the RTBF, explained how Islamists, and those close to the Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure in particular, use the accusation of Islamophobia to advance their cause. In this TV report, sociologist Gilles Kepel stressed that “Islamophobia is a weapon being used against non-Muslims who criticize Islam. It is also being used against those Muslims who have a wrong interpretation of Islam, in other words an interpretation they disagree with.” "

Here is Conrad Black on this subject:

Folks, despite what Muslims and docile politicians such as Justine Trudeau would have us believe - that Islam is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold, Islam is, in fact, a wretched organization dedicated to spreading its toxicity around the globe. 

Unlike USSR, which used subterfuge and military might to implant Communism around the planet, Islam seeks eventual dominion by cowing Western populations into meekness with pronouncements of Islamophobia, and by overwhelming infidel populations with Muslims - millions upon millions of Muslims. 

If you believe that such a population replacement is unfeasible, take a moment and examine Pew Research findings on the growth of Islam in Europe.

If you believe that Justine Trudeau must refuse to designate January 29 as a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia, tell him so:

Take care, and do pay heed, 



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