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10 July 2017

Canada rewards Omar Khadr - why?

Something is terribly wrong when we start rewarding terrorists who go to training camps to learn how to kill; there is NO excuse,  no matter what their age & no matter that they were brain-washed by their friends & family to hate & to kill.  Canada has a debt that is building exponentially with our health-care being forced to cut back on essential services, with our seniors not getting adequate food & shelter & we can actually turn around & give $10.5 Million to a person who, out of pure hate, made & threw bombs that killed several people, among them a medic who was actually trying to attend to some wounded people??!.  Khadr is very sorry for his terrorist actions now but being sorry after taking so many lives is not good enough!! 

Alright, the Canadian government, in its misguided efforts to believe that killers like Khadr can be rehabilitated & turned into good citizens, should be allowed to give them a second chance to get educated & become productive citizens to repay the good citizens of Canada.  But to reward him an amount that will turn him into an instant millionaire???  That has to be the most outrageous thing that the Trudeau government has done in its short life - the only thing that Canadians can do is to ensure that the Liberals DON'T get another term to further destroy Canada!!!

There are many articles on the internet for you to read so that you can write to your own MP with good information & express your outrage!!  Below the links are ways to reach your MP of whatever party to tell them that this is not how to win the Muslim votes.  If they are sincere in wanting to be good Canadians, the Muslims would repudiate this blatant attempt to breed more terrorists who are being encouraged by the Liberal lawyers & judges (who are the real beneficiaries) to use our flawed Charter & our equally flawed 1982 Constitution to perpetrate this gross injustice!!!

If Khadr has any conscience at all, he would turn the money over to the families of those that he had deliberately killed.  That would show that he has real remorse, not the sham remorse he expresses on TV. 

Here are some media report with relevant quotes.  Read the full articles if you have the time - ask for others that are also worth reading.  

"Justin Trudeau's Liberals are settling the Canadian suit by offering Khadr a $10.5-million payout. Here's the rub with this settlement: neither the American nor Canadian legal processes are complete. There would have been compelling reasons for allowing them to play out before giving Khadr any money."

"Perhaps Trudeau thought that offering Khadr millions was a sure way to score political points, at least among May and a swath of like-minded voters."

"On Thursday, we had the capper. Fife again — he is quickly becoming the Paul Revere of all Khadr news — gave us the revelations that the $10.5 million, tax free be it noted, had already been handed over. Process complete. A government famously so sluggish in so many areas — veterans’ treatment comes first to mind — went full Road Runner getting the cash to Khadr."

"Why the outlandish amount? Does not repatriation, removal from the American system of justice, and a full apology from the entire government of Canada signify a generous correction by the Canadian state of what it perceives as the wrongs done to Khadr?

What does he think is the response of Canadian soldiers, particularly veterans of Afghanistan, to this deal? I’d say they are furious. He owes the servicemen and women an accounting. If he is confident of the rightness of the award, the amount, the instant payment, and the state apology, he owes them his thinking on the matter. Not some jumbled vapourizing on process mumbled reluctantly over shamrocks and sock displays in Ireland."

"Why will Omar Khadr receive $10.5M? Because the Supreme Court ruled his rights were violated."

"Well, no, that's not how civil lawsuits work. The Supreme Court said nothing about financial compensation. The furthest the Supreme Court ever went was to hold that "the appropriate remedy is to declare that, on the record before the Court, Canada infringed Mr. Khadr's s. 7 rights, and to leave it to the government to decide how best to respond to this judgment."

At the time, the specific remedy Khadr sought was repatriation, which the government of the day duly granted. That government believed that Canada had satisfied any outstanding obligations to Khadr when it brought him home to serve the rest of his custodial sentence in Canada. If Khadr was owed further compensation at all, it was from the Americans and not Canadian taxpayers.

Khadr's best case for a further remedy was to prove in court that Canada had conspired with the Americans in his alleged mistreatment and that we are therefore liable along with them. He has not done this."

Let the Members of Parliament know how you feel about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's decision to give $10.5 million to Omar Khadr and the continuous giving of taxpayer money to other countries when we are unable to finance ourselves.

Mass email, phone messages and twitter accounts of all Canadian Members of Parliament.

List of Members of Parliament.  Click on the MP and you get email address and telephone number for the Hill Office and their Constituency Office in their respective Riding.

Twitter for all MPs:

The language issue may not concern you if you are not directly affected but the encouragement of terrorism SHOULD make you angry enough to goad you into making this an issue through the democratic process of using your votes to make a difference!

Kim McConnell


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