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28 May 2018

CLF's message on Ontario's election

Subject: CLF's political strategy

May 28, 2018

As we are primarily a language organization, fighting to be heard above the loud demands of the pro-French group is not easy.  Our supporters know that our battle is a very difficult one, mostly because most Canadians are not even aware of the power that the French hold at all levels of govt.  ALL public servants in connection with us, report the over-representation of the French in every dept.  However they cannot speak up for fear of reprisals from their superiors (mostly French speakers from Quebec).  So all they can do is to send us, in confidence, their observations of the imbalance in hiring.  We have asked the media for help to expose the situation – we’re hoping that we might come across someone who has enough courage to take this formidable task on.  We have identified several media commentators & we’ve tried to draw attention of those who are brave enough to point out the obvious.  Any of our readers who have come across any more of such courageous columnists, please pass on the links.

The fight for language fairness has to be part of our political strategy or we will be called fraudsters by our supporters (we still get financial support from some people) accusing us of only paying lip service to the cause. 

Where do the political parties stand on our issue?  We have NO doubt at all about the LIB & the NDP – both parties want more money spent on promoting French.  Our excellent researcher, Eric, has been able to access the French media and have articles where Wynne extols the necessity of French & has pledged to spend millions more on French-language education.  Link to this article in French:


OTTAWA - Premier Kathleen Wynne has taken advantage of two announcements in Eastern Ontario to send several messages to Franco-Ontarians. 


The announcement of an investment of more than $ 200 million over three years to recruit 450 new teacher-counselors to schools in the province on Monday, April 30, served as a pretext for several comments with electoral flavor.

At Louis-Riel Public High School, Wynne did not hesitate to target the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party (PC Party) of Ontario, Doug Ford, in his speech, delivered in French and English.

While in Ottawa, Orleans, and later in Hawkesbury, the Premier chose constituencies where her MPs could be threatened.

In Orléans, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, who is also Minister of Francophone Affairs, Marie-France Lalonde, could be the victim of the unpopularity of the government to which she belongs. In Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Grant Crack will not be a candidate for his succession, but Pierre Leroux, Liberal candidate and Mayor of the Township of Russell, will have to deal with the Progressive Conservative candidate, Amanda Simard.

"I'm sure the candidates here are going to be re-elected!" Said Wynne, however, saying she did not come to the area to support them. "The Ottawa area is very important to the province and its economy, and it's important for me to hear what people here have to say."

Continuity for the Liberal Party

In Hawkesbury, the Premier had prepared an announcement directly addressed to the Franco-Ontarian community.

The Seniors-Prescott-Russell Seniors Residence will house 78 new long-term care beds, increasing its capacity to 224 beds.

Citing the accomplishments of her government, Wynne promised continuity if she is re-elected on June 7.

"We will continue to build on what we have built so far, in education, health, to make services available in French ... We will continue to work by adopting a francophone lens to our programs that allows for a fair distribution of our services. resources."

She also took the opportunity to shoot an arrow to Mr. Ford who ensures that its measures will benefit all communities equally.

"Equality is not the same as equity. We must always ensure that support for a minority community is in place to enable it to be equally successful. And that sometimes requires more investment to catch up, as we did in education in the past. "

As the only party leader to speak French, the prime minister did not want to attack the two other leaders of the main political parties at Queen's Park, but said that for her, "it is very important for a leader in Ontario to try to speak our two official languages. "

The priorities of Franco-Ontarian organizations

Wynne's tour also included a meeting with several Franco-Ontarian organizations to listen to the aspirations of the community, according to Minister Lalonde.

French-language university, economic contribution of the Francophonie to the province, shortage of Francophone teachers, Ontario's future role in the International Organization of La Francophonie, modernization of the French Language Services Act, bilingualism of the province, the expectations of Franco-Ontarians are many but not new, recognizes the president of the Assembly of the Francophonie of Ontario (AFO), Carol Jolin.

"There were no surprises from Ms. Wynne. She knows our files well. I suggested that he read our documents as inspiration to complete his platform. (...) As a non-partisan organization, we will work with the party that wins the elections and our goals will always be the same. "

Premier Kathleen Wynne meets with Franco-Ontarian organizations. To the left of Ms. Wynne, AFO President Carol Jolin. Image credit: Benjamin Vachet

The president of the Franco-Ontarian Youth Federation (FESFO), Pablo Mhanna-Sandoval, has given #ONfr some concern.

"This new election generates fears, especially in the case of the French-language university, even if there is a commitment from the three parties. There is nothing guaranteed in terms of financing, continuity ... "

This meeting with Ms. Wynne is just the beginning for AFO, which will also try to meet with Mr. Ford and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

The spokesman for 622,340 Franco-Ontarians also launched a questionnaire on Monday for the three main candidates for the position of prime minister to know their proposals for francophones, whose results should be known end of May .


KAPUSKASING  - "Under the New Democratic Party (NDP), we will fight hard for Ontario to become an officially bilingual province." This is the promise made by Guy Bourgouin, the NDP candidate for Mushkegowuk-Baie James, during the debate in Kapuskasing, Wednesday evening. France Gélinas, NDP candidate for Nickel Belt and critic of his party for Francophone Affairs, explains how this promise aligns with the platform of his party.


The day after the debate, Mr. Bourgouin doubles the bet. "We believe that here in Ontario, the government should be able to offer French-language services to all Franco-Ontarians, without waiting for them and regardless of where they live", he said. "We are committed to identifying the steps that should be taken to ensure that Ontario becomes, officially, a bilingual province - beginning with a thorough critical review of the French Language Services Act "

"It's obvious that the NDP is excited about Ontario becoming an officially bilingual province," says Gélinas, speaking for #ONfr . According to her, Mr. Bourgouin's promise would be a corollary of the New Democrats' commitment to overhaul the French Language Services Act.

Guy Bourgouin, NDP candidate, during the debate in Kapuskasing. Image credit: screenshot

No plans yet to support the idea

"We committed to reviewing the law. We promised to respect the Commissioner's recommendations. We promised to bring changes to the law. One of the commissioner's most important recommendations on French-language services is to make Ontario a designated area, which would translate into an officially bilingual province. All of this is in line with what Mr. Bourguoin said. "

"That being said, the work of knowing how to get there - how is it going to work together - has not been done in sufficient detail to describe our plan in detail. If we do not have details on what it means on the legislative side, it is because we have not started consultations. But all NDP candidates have no problem supporting Mr. Bourguoin's enthusiasm and commitment. We all say the same thing. "

A first step for political scientist Martin Normand

According to Martin Normand, a postdoctoral fellow and associate researcher at the Chair of Research on Francophonie and Public Policy, this approach would indeed be a first step.

"The overhaul of the French Language Services Act is indeed a gateway to official bilingualism. If we are ambitious and we review the entire regulatory code, and extend it to the central institutions, all the offices that provide government services, and all over the province, it is certainly a first step."

However, even if the recasting of the Act could ensure the bilingualism of institutions, Mr. Normand argues that official bilingualism also requires a symbolic gesture.

"What the AFO wants is a step further, that is to say that it is also found in the Constitution. But we are far from it and it is not with the modification of the Law that we will be able to accomplish this objective. It will take much more political will. "

On the other hand, the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals have never clearly expressed their interest in the official bilingualism of the province.

We don’t know where Doug Ford stands on the language issue – we can only hope that, in his promise to cut back on the province’s debt ($310+ Billion) and deficit ($12 Billion), he will not keep throwing money at this policy that only works for the French minority.  His focus in this election is on bringing sanity back to Ontario’s economy that has been destroyed by the Liberals:

Other parties to consider

When we asked for politicians to support the cause of the English-speakers of Ontario, only two parties responded – the Trillium Party & the Libertarian Party. Both assured us that the plight of the English-speaking Ontarians concern them & they will speak on our behalf & both gave us a presentation at our event in Kars last year.

Message from Jack MacLaren who was with the PC’s under the leadership of Patrick Brown but who is now with the Trillium Party, a small “c” conservative party.  To know more about the Trillium Party, link to their site:

To find the candidate in your area:

A huge supporter of the Trillium Party is the Ontario Landowners’ Asso.

Here’s support from Tom Black of the Ontario Landowners’ Asso.:

Message from Jack MacLaren:

The basic principle of the Trillium Party is that we respect the institution of Democracy. Which means, we respect the people of Ontario. 

Trillium Guiding Principles

All policy will come from the people of Ontario.

Individual MPPs will be encouraged to speak freely on behalf of their constituents and vote freely on behalf of their constituents. 

MPs will listen to their constituents and act accordingly. 

We work for you!

All Canadians have the Constitutional Right to access government services in the official language of their choice. Trillium supports this Right.

The job of government is to help people. There are many people in our communities who need help but can not help themselves. The three main groups of people who need help are: families with autism, families with mental health troubles and struggling seniors. As a caring society we have a moral obligation to help those who can not help themselves. And we will. But it takes money. So, we need small businesses to prosper and create more jobs. Then businesses and workers will be able to contribute more tax dollars. Small businesses create 75-80% of the private sector jobs in Ontario. We will lower the cost of electricity. We will reduce the 360,000 regulations in Ontario by 30%. We will help small businesses. If small businesses do well - we all do well. As businesses and workers contribute more, then the government will have the money it needs to help those who need our help.

Jack. 613 250 0706 cell.

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Message from Mark Snow of the Ontario Libertarian Party

Subject: Ontario Libertarians

Hi Kim,

Thank you very much for the kind words and support.  It was truly a fun day in Kars, such a great turnout of people and a wonderful debate with Jack McLaren.  It amazes me that from last May, when I first spoke to CLF in Ottawa, to the Kars event in November, how strong your organization is.  It is hard to believe you guys have been at this for this long. I was just a boy when I remember my Dad speaking of Bilingualism when Trudeau Senior overnight changed the country without a democratic vote in Parliament.  Little did I think 40 yrs later I would be fighting to repeal those rights in Ontario. I also have made a great friend in Matt Paul who was there that day describing his language issues in Rockland.

Before the event, you sent a list of questions to each of the speakers.  I have attached those questions and my answers.  I still stand by everyone of my written responses.  For me the whole issue of language fairness in Ontario is the Provincial Act that governs municipalities and cities.  If the Act was repealed, then this would level the playing field.  I am by no means anti French, but pro equal rights and fair playing field for all.  All munipalities and cities should be able to meet the needs of its residents, if that means bilingual services, so be it.. However, I will not tolerate unfair rules that can be imposed because of a bad law/Act.  If laws are to be written, then let them be for the benefit of all people, not certain segments of society.  The only way we can achieve this, is to ensure government passes laws that help all people.

Join our Facebook Discussion Forum:

If you wish to just donate to the party.  Please donate here

Thank you again for the kind and heartfelt support for considering the Ontario Libertarian Party as your party of choice.

Mark Snow

Dad, Veteran

Vice Chairman – Ontario Libertarian Party

Candidate – 066 Nepean

95 Longshire Circle

Nepean, Ont

K2J 4K6



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