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10 June 2018

Congratulations to Doug Ford!!

For our readers across the country who may be interested in the detailed results of our amazing Ontario election, please link  below:



Terence Corcoran reminds us of the problems we still face, specifically our insurmountable provincial debt

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Welcome to Ontario's hard, painful reality check, Premier Ford

As Ontarians awake from their nightmare Rocky Horror election, during which it seemed like each mad politician was promising to save the province from the other mad politician and their claims to have found the secret to life, a return to reality looms. Since nothing said by the main election characters bore much relation to the actual state of the province, and that includes newly elected Progressive Conservative Premier-elect Doug Ford, it is now time to execute that great media cliché known as The Reality Check.

For citizens, that reality can be distilled down to one set of fiscal data and one simple illustration: Ontario's Future in One Graphic. As of today, every Ontario resident is carrying provincial debt of approximately $23,000, which is headed to become about $27,000 by the year 2021 and higher thereafter. That works out to more than $108,000 for each family of four, an increase of 170 per cent since the year 2000.

For the next four years almost nothing else will matter in Ontario outside of the government's need to begin to eliminate annual deficits and stop the relentless rise in net debt. It is currently expected to hit $400 billion by 2021, or up to 42 per cent of gross domestic product, a ratio that exceeds the burdens experienced during the 1990s national fiscal crisis by a large margin. Unless there are big cuts in spending, total debt could rise to $450 billion by 2025, according to Ontario's Financial Accountability Office.

Many economists and agencies have already issued warnings, including Don Drummond at Queen's University, Jack Mintz in the Financial Post and the province's own Financial Accountability Office.

Much of the borrowing of past years went to current spending - health care, education, social programs, interest on debt, subsidies to business - to satisfy immediate cash needs. The latest provincial budget promised more of the same and put off spending cuts into future years. Reducing spending is Ontario's inevitable fiscal future - despite an election in which all parties and leaders filled the air with fantastic promises and claims but failed to accurately describe what hard decisions the government will really have to make in coming years. There is only one way out of the debt trap, and that's to bring in a chopping block to reduce spending.

There will be no choice.

The bond-rating agencies are already zoning in on a ratings cut. In April, Moody's alerted investors that Ontario was in negative territory and could face a reduction in its ratings if it could not get its spending and revenues into greater balance.

Reaching balance will not come easy or fast. The size of spending reductions needed to bring budget balances suggest some painful and politically difficult decisions are coming. The Financial Accountability Office said last month that the Liberals' latest provincial budget plan to balance the budget by 2024 through a dramatic cut in spending growth - from about four per cent per year to just two per cent beginning in 2021 - contains no details. The FAO said the budget "implies that the province would have to find about $15 billion in spending reductions by 2025, equivalent to about 8 per cent of program spending."

To find $15 billion in spending cuts - likely a minimum - will mean tackling some actual programs.

Here's a quick way to start: The province is spending almost $5 billion a year on what are known as "business support programs." They include such things as film tax credits, the Ontario Innovation Tax Credit and the Jobs and Prosperity Fund. According to the FAO, the province has "no evidence" that any of these programs led to observed results, nor does it have any benchmarks to measure results. Eliminate them and save $5 billion right away. It's a start.

Terence Corcoran

From Gordon M.

I am very pleased to see that you won a majority.  However, I am not without serious concerns.  In your party there are numerous (and prominent) members who I do not see as “conservative”.  Indeed, they are “liberal-lite”.  They enabled Patrick Brown, and had it not been for his demise, we would have an NDP government today.

In general, I had no concerns with any of the policy approaches you stated during the campaign.  However, in connection with the carbon tax, despite your promise to fight it, you conceded that “global warming is real” and that “man is part of the cause”.  I therefore urge you to educate yourself on this totally fallacious fraud that has been perpetrated by misrepresentation and indeed, outright lies.  Most of the “qualified” scientists who were involved in the discussions in the 1990’s have since recognized and acknowledged that there is no basis nor support for anthropogenic climate change based on carbon emissions. Moreover, you have no doubt heard that 97% of scientists agree that carbon emissions are responsible for global warming. Here is where that number came from:

Doran and Zimmerman (2009) sent a survey to some 10,257 earth scientists of which 3,146 responded.  They claimed 97% agreement on AGW but worded their questionnaire in a very tricky way. Upon review it appears that of the 3,146 respondents, only 79 were identified as ‘climate scientists’ (though no definition of ‘climate scientist’ or qualifications were ever provided). Of those, some 76 agreed with the opinion “When compared with pre-1800’s levels, do you think that mean global temperatures have generally risen, fallen, or remained relatively constant?” 

The above is outright deception, and you are not alone in having fallen victim to the global warming/climate change industry developed clandestinely under the umbrella of Agenda 21.  It is nothing less than a Marxist wealth redistribution fraud, and a major policy of the “globalist” movement.

On another subject on which you may not be conversant at this stage is the state subjugations of the English majority in Canada.  Your platform is to “find efficiencies”.  In Canada, one of the most extravagant and damaging wastes of money is “Official Bilingualism”.  While this is a federal law, in Ontario we have the French Language Services Act which is a comparable altruistic idea, which at the end of the day, only enables linguistic activists to force, at great expense, the French language into every community in Ontario.  There is no problem with, and indeed there is justification for, front line emergency and essential services having bilingual staff.  But the activists will never be satisfied until every position in government (yes, in Ontario) requires a bilingual incumbent (i.e. anglophones become unemployable as they are at the federal level).  This is neither “efficient” nor is fair or beneficial in any way.  Are you aware that 85% of the Canadian population cannot qualify for a management position in the federal government.  Please don’t let this happen to Ontario municipalities. For more information, please visit the Canadians for Language Fairness website at



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From: Ron C.

Sent: June 10, 2018 11:19 AM


Subject: Right Now

Steve: Now, in the beginning of your first four years, is the time to put your most important changes on the table to address the deficit and the debt. Here are some suggestions.

-       No pay raises for any public servants including yourselves;

-       Freeze all hirings in the public departments and no replacements on retirements;

-       rewrite contracts on hydro private producers; cancel future contracts on solar and wind generators;

-       merge public and catholic schools systems;

-       dust off and update Drummond report and implement it;

-       do not give liberals party status - let them wallow in their misery;

-       no more bilingualism or biculturalism, makes no sense in a multicultural society;

-       privatize the car insurance industry; and,

-       allow private clinics and private testing into medical system.

That should occupy your first week as a government. Be sure to have the savings in all these areas quantified and qualified by non-government auditors. Have the AG publish a government state of the Ontario public finances soonest. Ignore the media, nicely.

Cheers, Ron

Sent from my iPad

Congratulations to Ontario!

You were able to dodge the socialist bullet on Thursday. If only Albertans had been so lucky. Now let's see if Ford can keep his promises. It will be hard for him, since he will be fighting the unions, the Liberal-loving media, and all the USA-funded socialist groups that have made Canada such a hard place to survive in.

Next job will be to get ready to boot Justin. Do you realize that the quality of preparation that he has for the PMs job is about the same as Kim Jung Un has for his job? Our problem is that Kim is actually smarter. We will face the same type of opposition from the same groups that Ford faced. It's time for Canadians to wake up to the damage these people have caused our citizens and our Canadian culture, and make a change in Federal politics as well!

John DeRinzy from Alberta

Ontario has some of the HIGHEST taxes in Canada, like BC.  There is the 5% GST, 13% HST and now the City of Toronto has levied an additional 4% hotel room tax on top of all this, just like the City of Kelowna did in 2016 of 3%.  So let's see if my arithmetic is correct:  If you rent a room in Toronto, Ontario for $100/night you pay:

5% GST    -    $5.00

13% HST   -    $13.00

4% tax    -    $4.00

Total taxes    $22.00

fully almost 25% of the room rent and yet Ontario is the recipient of BILLIONS in equalization payments each year primarily from the Province of Alberta.  When are the politicians in Edmonton going to get it through their empty heads to ABOLISH its participation in the payment of this dreaded, burdening and evil tax???

In contrast Alberta is the lowest with only the 5% GST and 5% hotel room tax which, in my opinion, should never have been levied and should be eliminated immediately if not sooner.

Al Romanchuk - Alberta

Final word from Howard Galganov who rooted for Doug Ford all the way:

The People Won . . . The Media Lost – The LEFT Was Clobbered

Friday, June 08, 2018


Howard Galganov


SO . . . As an American, why should you care in the Least about a Massive Conservative Victory in Ontario Canada, with a population of some 12—Million People? What Difference Can This Possibly Make To America?

Before I Answer My Own Question . . .

It always FEELS GOOD to be Right. But sometimes, it REALLY FEELS GOOD, far more than usual, because, when being Right makes a Substantial Difference over the Alternatives, Being Right Becomes A Game-Changer.

I wasn’t Joking or Overstating the Facts in my last few Editorials, about the Consequences of a LEFTIST Victory in the just held (Yesterday) Ontario General Election. Had the Socialist Liberals, or the MORE Socialist NDP (Communist-Light New Democrat Party) Formed a Majority Government in Ontario . . .

1 – The Province would have become Financial & Cultural Dog-Food.

2 – Canada would have Finally Failed in its Entirety as a Free Society.

And as much Faith, Which I Don’t Have In The Intelligence Of The Average Voter, I held-out enough Hope in my Mind, Heart & Soul, that enough People of Ontario, would be Smart Enough . . . Not To Willingly Sign Their Own Provincial & National Death Warrant.



A MAJOR PART OF THE DOUG FORD/CONSERVATIVE VICTORY . . . Believe it or Not, was Because of President Donald Trump – Not that President Trump had anything Directly to do with this Victory, but Rather, because President Trump Inspired Enough Ontario Voters to Believe that we could do Much Better If We Dared.


Like President Trump, Doug Ford was a Businessman, First & Foremost. And also like President Trump, Doug Ford was an Outsider, who the Entitled Political Progressive Conservative Insiders wanted Nothing to do with, Much Less To Have As Their Party Leader. But like it or not, the People wanted Doug Ford to Lead the Party, and that’s exactly what they got.


Just like in the United States, Ontarians were Treated to a Deluge of Fake News, Slanted News & Contrived Polls, all of which showed the Three Main Parties Being Neck & Neck.

And when it became Obvious to the Media, that the Kathleen Wynne Liberals were Going To Have Their Asses Served To Them On A Platter, the Media & Pollsters Turned to the Communist-Light NDP as their Great Hurrah, not just suggesting that the NDP had a Shot-At-It, But in many Polls . . . Were Actually Leading.

And Then - When The Bright Lights Came On . . . The Media Cockroaches Scrambled For Cover, and the “Progressive” Conservatives . . . led by the Outsider REAL CONSERVATIVE FORD . . . Cleaned the LEFT’S Clock, WINNING A MASSIVE ELECTORAL VICTORY.

In Sports & Military Parlance . . . It Was A Rout!


So How Bad Was It For The Ontario Liberals?

It was So Bad For The Liberals, that they Didn’t Win Enough Seats (7-Seats) to be Recognized as a Party in Queen’s Park (Ontario Parliament), which means the Ontario Liberal Party Does NOT get a Real Seat at the Table.

And now . . . Kathleen Wynne, the Liberal Architect of this FIASCO, like all Rats, has just Announced that She’s leaving the Sinking Ship, which drops the Liberal Seat-Count to just Six . . . GOOD!

In The Words Of Obama & He Should Know . . . It Was A Shellacking

The Provincial Liberals Do Not Get the Extra Funding they would Normally Receive as a Recognized Party . . . for Research, Special Travel & Staff. Nor will they be Invited or Included to Attend Major Functions & Meetings, which they would have, had the Provincial Liberals Won 8-Seats to give them Loyal Opposition Party Status.


This Couldn’t Have Happened To More Deserving People.

BASICALLY . . . According to the Rules of Parliament, the 7-Elected Members of the Ontario Provincial Liberal Party are Nothing More than 7-Independent Members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament.

And Now They’re Just Six Pending The Next By-Election.

AS A CANADIAN . . . This is a Major NATIONAL GAME-CHANGER, since very few People, Including & Especially the Media . . . Held much Hope for the Conservatives to Win a Majority Government, Let Alone A Landslide, Wiping-Out a Political Juggernaut in the Process.


AS FOR AMERICAN DEMOCRATS . . . If you Want to Believe in the Blue Wave Nonsense, Propagated by the LEFT and their Willing Media Propagandists, go ahead and knock Yourselves-Out, ‘Cause It Ain't Gonna Happen!

Just like all the Pundits . . . Save For A Few, Peddled the Narrative that Donald Trump Didn’t Stand a Hope and a Prayer of being Elected Leader of the Republican Party, then President of the United States, then being able to Survive Impeachment . . . & on & on & on – Now Everyone Seems To Be Saying Trump In 2020.

AND JUST LIKE THESE SAME JERKS . . . Are Peddling their Narrative that the Democrats will Sweep The House . . . and up till Recently, Can Win The Senate – DON'T BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND.

Just like the People of Ontario . . . Awoke From Their Deep Sleep, to Literally Destroy the Politicians & Political Party that has been the UNDISPUTED ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE FROM WITHIN . . . The People of the United States of America will Do No Less.

And Now . . . Being Politically Happy – I'm Going To Do Some Farm-Work.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


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