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12 February 2017

Court Challenge Program reinstated + Bill M-103

We always appreciate it when the topic of Official Bilingualism is the topic in the media.  In this case Ezra Levant has chosen to comment on our topic & we would like to thank him for doing so.  Link to:

What Canada's official bilingualism is REALLY all about

Please support The Rebel for giving our concern some airing.  I took the opportunity to comment & promote our web site.  It would be very much appreciated if you will at least give me a "thumbs up":

My post:

Kim McConnell

The Official Languages Act has created a small elite group that is based mainly in Quebec.  In the nearly 50 years that this policy was put into the 1982 Constitution, the % of bilingual Canadians rose from 16% to just over 17% (2011 census) but has cost the country billions that could have been used for better purposes that would help more people live better lives.  Bilingualism benefits mainly the French-speakers as it is easier for a minority language speaker to pick up the language of the majority as they are surrounded by it.  In North America, English is the language of the majority & most Canadians speak it.  French is heard mainly in Quebec, New Brunswick & Eastern Ontario.  The language policy in the country is a huge problem that has led to the huge divide between Eastern & Western Canada.  Thank you, Ezra, for making this a topic of your message.  For readers who want to know more about the unfairness of the OLA, please visit our website:

My last message contained a very comprehensive table by Ken Kellington of Alberta.  This table tracked the Equalization Payments Policy from 1957 to 2016.  This table cannot be sent via this distribution program so if you didn't get it, please ask.

The figure from the table was interpreted by me in error.  The correct figure for amounts given to Quebec (which has always been a beneficiary) should be $60.4 Billion or 53.4% of the total).

My apologies to Ken for this error.


The Court Challenges Program is back:

Contributor:  David Krayden

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government announced Tuesday that it is reviving and expanding the controversial Court Challenges Program (CCP), which uses taxpayer dollars to fund groups who want to change existing laws by re-writing the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The previous Conservative government scrapped the program, which has been called “one of the most corrupt, discriminatory and biased programs developed in Canada.”

Critics said it only considered and approved liberal challenges and that it produced frivolous rights claims that tied up the court system.

According to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, legislation can have “unforeseen impacts” on rights and that’s why the government needs to provide the initial funding of $5 million a year to allow people to challenge that legislation.  Fully $1 million of that will be spent on “administration” alone.

“Protecting against these unintended consequences and ensuring that more vulnerable groups within society have the means to challenge the legislation under the Constitution and under the Official Languages Act is the right thing for a government to do,” Wilson-Raybould said.

The expanded program offers a smorgasbord of charter challenges including those based on freedom of religion, expression, association and assembly; democratic rights; and the right to life, liberty and security of the person, to as well as previous sections covering equality and official language rights. It will also induce more challenges to the Official Languages Act, which usually involves enforcing official bilingualism in areas of the country where only one language is commonly spoken.

But because the Liberal government will select the members who sit on the two “expert” panels — one assessing language rights and the other human rights — critics say the only litigants who ever receive any funding are those who share the Liberal agenda.

Gwen Landolt, legal counsel and vice-president of REAL Women of Canada, told The Daily Caller, “Justin Trudeau has proven himself adept at getting his buddies and so-called experts appointed to various boards but the only thing they are experts at is being left-wing extremists,” she said.

“The Court Challenges Program has been a nightmare and nothing but a slush-fund for those who want to avoid parliamentary debate by getting the courts to change social values,” she said Wednesday.

“The practical effect of the CCP was that the equality rights were undermined by the program and it became one of the most corrupt, discriminatory and biased programs developed in Canada,” wrote Landolt, in response to the decision.

“Although funded by the taxpayer, the program was not accountable to the public, did not report to Parliament, and was not subject to the Access to Information Act.  The program by its biased practices was an embarrassment in that it betrayed human rights and democracy.”

Landolt says government has never bothered to define who the “disadvantaged” groups are that the program aims to assist.  “This omission became the basis of many of the problems with the CCP as it defined these expressions in an ideological basis, which denied access to justice to groups that did not share the ideology of those managing the program,” she says.

The previous Court Challenges Program is notorious for initiating the first challenge to the traditional definition of marriage, eventually triggering a Supreme Court of Canada decision in favor of same-s-x marriage that ultimately forced Parliament to change the law.

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The French media is rubbing its hand in glee.  The link to the article:

is available in its translated form.  Just ask for a copy.

Beth Trudeau says that her greatest fear is that the French activists will use the program to challenge the City of Ottawa into forcing Official Bilingualism on the city.  That is a very real fear because the city is so broke, they cannot afford to go to court to fight this so they might just capitulate.  The French are politically very strong as NO politician dares to oppose them.  Premier Wynne is on their side & Patrick Brown has shown no interest.  Even the CPC has decided that Quebec & the French are more important than the majority non-French in the country.  How did this situation of minority rule ever become the norm?

Quebec can persecute & prosecute the English-speakers as much as they like - NO politician has come forward to defend them. 

In NB, the 65% English-speakers have been abandoned by their politicians.  The PANB (People's Alliance of NB), led by Kris Austin is fighting hard for the English-speakers & it is up to the people to support them.  Don't run away because it's the easier thing to do.

There is talk that smaller parties like the Libertarians might give us a voice - it is too early to say but there are rumblings being heard.  Again, it is up to the people - are we willing to be dominated by a minority that has NO reason to be dominant except for the fact that they are united under one resolve - TO DOMINATE using a language which is 9th on the world & is totally on life support in Canada?  If that idea annoys you, help us fight it.  If you don't have a problem supporting a linguistic minority, then stay silent.

Kim McConnell

Another item of concern is the Liberal Party's determination to kill Free Speech in Canada, using the proposed Bill M-103 (2nd reading will be on Feb/13th)

To read even more about this very dangerous bill, please contact the editor of ACT for Canada, Valerie Price ( & ask her for all the articles on why we have to oppose this bill.

Here is a simple letter you can send to your MP:

As a Canadian citizen and voter, I am writing to you about two motions that are presently before Parliament. They are E-411, which should be rescinded, and M-103, which should be defeated. Here is why you should oppose these motions: 

Religion is already protected by anti-hate-crime laws and by the Charter. There is no reason for additional protection. Hence, there is no valid reason for Petition E-411 on Islamophobia or Motion M-103 on Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination.It is wrong to shelter one particular religion or culture from criticism, as that will curtail the fundamental rights of Canadians to express themselves and discuss issues freely.We must protect our freedom of speech, which is fundamental to our western civilization, and which is enshrined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We must defend our right to express our ideas without being threatened or intimidated.

Therefore, please rescind E-411, and defeat M-103.

Thank you.


Please modify the wording of this email to add your own personal touch before you send it. Then send it to your MP, and to:

Hon Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice: 

Hedy Fry Chair, Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage: 

Larry Maguire, Vice-Chair, Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage: 

Pierre Nantel, Vice-Chair Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage: 

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister;

Find your local MP's email address here:



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