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02 Febraury 2017

Dialogue Canada Pushing

It never fails to amaze me how determined the French groups are to force Mayor Watson into capitulating on making the City of Ottawa "officially bilingual".  Why this persistence by people like John Trent, Professor from the bilingual University of Ottawa & former president of Dialogue Canada,  Fred Sherwin - publisher of the Franco-Ontarian newspaper L'Orleans,  Jacques Legendre, former City of Ottawa Councillor, and countless other activists who are only interested in expanding the power of the French outside Quebec, having solidified French power & control in Quebec.   Have you heard any of them speaking up for the beleaguered Anglos in Quebec?  Many of these activists are Anglophiles who prefer the French language & culture to the English language & culture - what is the reason for this?  The most obvious reason is that French is a minority language that has been elevated to equal status to English & in the Socialist mind ALL minorities (whether based on language, race, creed) must be protected against the majority who are always defined as the AGGRESSORS.  So minorities are generously funded & the money attracts a lot of support while the majority is left out in the cold to fend for themselves.  So billions are annually thrown at the French & they are encouraged to bitch & complain - which they do in huge numbers!!   We do get the occasional support from academia (Prof. Robson) & the media (Brian Lilly from the Rebel) but we need more in the public arena who are not afraid to be politically incorrect.  The English-speaking majority needs a louder voice!!

The City of Ottawa Council has said a loud & clear NO to the French pressure to make the City of Ottawa Officially Bilingual but this group keeps pushing!!!  Mayor Watson is holding strong & we have to admire that strength.  It could be that he & all the councillors that support him know that by-law 2001-170 gives the French all the support they can afford.  Mayor Bob Chiarelli called the policy "practical bilingualism" to diminish the public's rage, because it almost mirrored the federal one. The difference was that the city council meetings were not being simultaneously translated and the policy was not embedded in provincial law.  Because it is not embedded in provincial law, it is under the control of the city council.  It is "a" policy and it can be changed or cancelled.  Once embedded, it would become "the" policy, i.e. almost impossible to cancel and water down.   These French groups always use words that sound so innocent & non-threatening - just read their mission statement in red below.  Doesn't that sound just peachy?!!  The animosity between French speakers & non-French has grown exponentially since the 1982 Constitution gave them so much power that ALL politicians have bought into this idiocy that "French is essential".  

Stephen Harper recognized that fact in his essay:

Unfortunately, he failed to follow through when he was in government - was that our fault or was it his?  Now that the reins of power have been passed on to another French leader who actually believes that Canada is better off with a leader from Quebec.

Justin says - Canada is better if controlled by Quebec:

How much does it cost the City?

In 2001, when the new bilingualism policy was adopted, it was recommended that expenses for it not exceed the previous Regional government's expenses for it ($1.7 million annually). However, since then it has almost doubled:

The 2013 expenditure for the French language Service was $3,064,000

The 2014 budgeted figure was $2,595,000 but the actual amount spent was $3,115,000

The 2015 actual amount spent was $2,665,000 (which was $70,000 over the 2014 budgeted figure but less than the 2014 actual figure so someone must have decided that things had to be brought under control).

The French activists complained that the budget was not translated into French - the Mayor said it would cost too much to do that.  Our own inquiry revealed that the translation of that one budget would cost at least $65,000.

If you've forgotten what the City's debt & deficit sits at - link to the articles below:

We cannot afford to keep paying for duplication of services in two languages and everybody but the French-language extremists seem to understand that!! 

Of course the French-speakers actually believe that money spent to preserve the French language & culture is of primary importance - so money is no object as long as the West is forced to support them!!!  Ken Kellington of Alberta compiled an excellent table (attached) to track the amount of transfers to Quebec - 1957 to 2016 ($60.4 Billion or 53.4% of the total).

I have collected a pile of articles on the topic - please ask if you want to read them.

Kim McConnell

PS: Read to the end - Jurgen Vollrath's radio show needs your input.

Mission Statement

The mission of Dialogue Canada is to provide Canadians of all regions, cultural and linguistic backgrounds with opportunities to know each other better and acknowledge their differences, to share their respective concerns and to exchange their vision of the future of the country, based on communication and civic education, in order to ensure its prosperous and peaceful development.

OTTAWA - Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson's repeated opposition to formalizing the bilingual character of the nation's capital does not discourage members of the Dialogue Canada organization. They are determined to mobilize anglophones to convince the city council to make Ottawa, the bilingual capital of Canada.


"Are we still confident? We could ask the mayor: is he confident and will always persist if he sees that more and more people are against his position? If it persists, our organization will also persist because it is wrong, "says John Trent, former president of Dialogue Canada, who sits on the organization's bilingual Ottawa committee.

The bilingualism of the City of Ottawa was honored at Dialogue Canada's Annual General Meeting on Monday, January 30. After several refusals on the part of the mayor, the organization is now turning to the English-speaking population to advance the project.

"Franco-Ontarians are fully mobilized, but the mayor does not care. Our task is to seek the support of anglophones and allophones, which are now little mobilized, because this may be what can change the opinion of the mayor. "

For Trent, the lack of interest of this part of the population results from a lack of information.

"Many are not even aware of the plan to make Ottawa a bilingual capital because it's never in the English-speaking media! Most of them think there is no problem because we have a bilingual policy and services. They do not see the importance of recognizing Canada's two official languages ​​and do not realize that city council could easily reverse the current policy. "

To achieve this, Dialogue Canada has launched a website and will also increase its presence on social media and promote a petition to Canadians.

Special guest, the publisher of Franco-Ontarian newspaper L'Orleans , Fred Sherwin, supported the initiative.

"I would like to tell Mayor Watson that it is not too late, but that time is running out," he said.

However, not all participants agreed on the strategy to be adopted. While some have suggested going directly to Queen's Park, others would like to include the federal government, while for some there has to be a change in the way they communicate.

"Avoid using the word" official "because it scares many anglophones who think it means, do as the federal government does. Mayor Watson knows the difference, but the population not always, "suggested former councillor Jacques Legendre.

#ONfr @ONfr_TFO

L'ancien conseiller @ottawaville Jacques Legendre donne des conseils pour avoir #Ottawa bilingue #frcan

12:50 - 30 Janv 2017

"We have already discussed all these issues and all possible strategies. Today, our position is clear: we want to enshrine Ottawa's bilingualism policy in provincial legislation to ensure its sustainability. For the time being, none of the advisors we met met our project, "says Trent.

But in a survey conducted by #ONfr last November, only five elected officials had publicly said to be ready to support the initiative. For Mr Legendre, the lack of commitment around the municipal council is due to a lack of dissent around the table.


The position of Dialogue Canada closely resembles that of another group working on the same file, the group of organizations gathered around the initiative #OttawaBilingue . Mr. Trent says the two groups are working in the same direction and that it does not harm their common goal.

"It is like in ecology, there are several organizations working for the same objective. We are all going in the same direction. There are Franco-Ontarian associations and we, Dialogue Canada, whose role is to promote good relations between Anglophones and Francophones. "

The latter swept away the idea that this could lead to confusion in public opinion.

"We are not in conflict. They work on their side, we ourselves. Some municipal councilors raise this point, I agree, but it is simply because they do not want to deal with it. "

Other file

Ensuring the future of Ottawa's bilingualism is not the only issue on which the pan-Canadian organization works. Dialogue Canada wishes to encourage the federal government to establish a Pan-Canadian Renewable Energy Transportation Network.

"We had Mauril Bélanger as ambassador and we knew it would go with him. There, we must seek a new ambassador, "explains the president, Tréva Cousineau.

In the pursuit of its mission and to advance its projects, Dialogue Canada faces some challenges. Financières, first of all, but also of participation, since the organization counts only 25 members against 53, according to the figures presented.

"Until recently, Dialogue Canada was primarily a place for discussion and it was only recently that we decided to take concrete action. So we're going to work to increase the membership. "

Mayor Watson explains:

Ostracism and Discrimination in the Capital of Canada, Ottawa

Political manipulation of Mayor Watson!

January 28, 2017

The question put to him by a citizen was nevertheless very clear: 

"Mayor Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa and his colleague Prime Minister of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, refuse to grant the status of 'official bilingualism' To the City of Ottawa, a national capital that is expected to host many visitors and tourists in 2017 to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. "

"May Mayor Jim Watson confirm to all Canadians, to all Francophones in Canada and Quebec, whether his City of Ottawa will have the legitimacy to host these celebrations and to represent , Legitimately, all Canadians if their city does not have the status of "officially bilingual" city? "


Jurgen Vollrath's radio show "AGAINST THE GRAIN" tomorrow is open for you to vent your concerns - he is going to be doing some talking of language issue on his show, and will do so every week to build it up for Beth's session in studio.  Please call in to DCN:


​Any time on Friday 3:15 on, to talk language issues.  


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