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26 February 2018

Message from NB, AB & ON

Today’s message comes from New Brunswick, Alberta & Ontario

New Brunswick

This is a desperate plea of help from an NB retired teacher, Jane Sherrard.  She, like all of NB, know that the French-speakers want to adhere to the current policy of DUALITY where, the French-speaking children are segregated from the non-French-speaking children.  The great danger of ASSIMILATION into the powerful English-language world is something the “fragile” French language & culture must be protected from.  Jane’s message is quite long so I will give you her email address – contact her for the rest of her excellent message:

Dear Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, Members of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly

I am asking for your help. I would like someone to file a challenge on behalf of the New Brunswick Anglophone sector children against the unfair and unequal funding practices by Heritage Canada and the Province of New Brunswick between French and English language education systems.  Anglophone sector districts are trying to service and deliver four (failing) second language programs (Grades 1, 3, and 6 French immersion and grade 5 Intensive French) yet are not entitled to the same level of funding as Francophone schools that have one program to service. The Anglophone sectors require extra busing and textbooks in French and English. 

New Brunswick is in a language tangle (as Canada is) because politicians created and are enforcing a marginalizing Official Languages Act to Anglophone sector students because they have not delivered an education system which qualifies them for public sector employment (and private sector) opportunities within their own province. Because of bilingual language conditions placed on employment, parents are gravitating to French immersion programs, understandably, resulting in New Brunswick having the highest percentage of students enrolled in French immersion in Canada (likely the world). As a consequence,  segregation of the worst form is prevalent in English schools where French immersion is offered between the English program classes and French Immersion classes. English program classes have more students on Special Education Programs, more students from the lowest socio economic households, more combined classes and more children not meeting grade level expectations, most of whom are boys and are the least funded students in the public education system. I dare say the English program classes attract more Syrian immigrants (and other immigrants) than French immersion classes, otherwise they would be in French schools. French immersion classes are generally populated by children from the wealthiest households and those with the strongest academic ability. This streaming of children into have and have not classes is a well known and documented consequence of optional French immersion programming across the country. The sparse intermingling on English school playgrounds between the children from the French immersion programs and those from the English program is an atrocity and was the catalyst for me to develop an education plan and framework that will guide political leaders, teachers and students to end this morally degrading system of learning. The superiority of French immersion programs that is built into the belief systems not only by politicians and parents, but by children on English playgrounds, has long reaching negative consequence for the children in English.  

Not only are these challenging English program classes not entitled to equal funding from the federal coffers, there are also millions of dollars "special envelopes" of provincial money that only Francophone schools are entitled to. Federal and provincial politicians need to take responsibility for enforcing a system that is designed to give the Francophone sector (and French Immersion students to a lesser extent) greater rights and privileges through entitlement and disbursement of extra funding. Greater funding equates directly to greater resources and services. The implementation of these substandard second language programs in English schools is tacitly approved by everyone in a position of responsibility, regardless of the dismal results and negative consequences. For going on fifty years, second language experimental programming has lacked the scrutiny that is needed if N.B. is ever to move in a positive direction. One needs to wonder how the Francophone teachers' Association could break away from the Teachers' Federation and fund a legal challenge to sue the provincial government. Was this challenge as a result of Heritage Canada funding? 

Jane is working with the PANB (People’s Alliance of NB) led by Kris Austin:

There are several groups in NB:  Claire writes a newsletter for Citizen’s Action Team (C.A.T. for short).  Contact her at: is led by Barry Irvine:

A bit of history from Quebec:

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Sharon MacLise has started a group for Alberta Separatism:

Alberta Freedom Alliance @AB_Freedom_Prty

Friends of Alberta Separation @ABSeparation

Alberta Independence @ABIndependence

They are OUR Twitter accounts.

Join our Facebook pages: Alberta Freedom Alliance, and Friends of Alberta Separation.

Also, our website is Check it out.

Thanks for  being “out there” fighting back – it gives me more courage knowing you’re there.

Best Regards,

Sharon (

Sharon, like many Albertans, are sick & tired of being treated with so much contempt & disregard by the Liberal government of Canada that she wants Alberta to break away.  Contact her if you share her disgust.


The Ontario PC Party is working hard to select a leader to replace Patrick Brown.  As an organization fighting for the rights of the majority English-speakers, I felt that it is our duty to remind ALL politicians of the following:

Question for the PC Leadership debate:

With more than 95% of Ontarians who do not speak French, why is French so high on the ON PC’s agenda?  Is Democracy NO longer to be interpreted as “Rule of the Majority, For the Good of the Majority?”  Why is a small group of Ontarians (2016 census shows 3.69% Mother-tongue French) given more rights than the 96.31% non-French?

BTW, I hope you know that in Ontario, Official Bilingualism is not a policy.  The Official Languages Act 1969 is only for the Federal govt. & the courts.  Language is a provincial prerogative & only New Brunswick has adopted the OLA.  Even Quebec has not accepted that Federal policy & functions as a unilingual French province, only providing service in English where 50% of the municipality is composed of English-speakers.  Ontario is, by default, unilingual English & the French Language Services Act only provides service in French where the municipality has more than 10% French-speakers. 

Kim McConnell

From: Jag Badwal, Ontario PC President []

Sent: February 26, 2018 8:26 AM

To: Kim McConnell

Subject: Apply for Tickets Today! Ottawa Leadership Debate


As part of the Ontario PC Party Leadership race, you will be able to watch all candidates in a live debate on February 28 from 6:30 to 8:00pm.  The moderator will be Althia Raj, the Ottawa Bureau Chief of HuffPost Canada.

If you wish to submit a question for consideration in the debate, please submit it online by 5:00pm on Monday, February 26 at

You will be able to watch the debate streamed live on

Some tickets will be available to attend the debate. Given the limited supply of tickets, a random draw will take place.

Visit to apply for tickets today. You will be notified on February 26th, if you have been selected. If you are selected, the cost will be $10.00, at the event.

Thank you,

Jag Badwal

Ontario PC President


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