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05 February 2018

Political Correctness - the new disease

In this day & age of Political Correctness, many well-established ideas of proper social principles & behaviour have been thrown over-board without any attempt at examining what this is doing to our institutions: historically, socially, politically & economically. 

In my readings from a wide range of the media, I come away with a vague sense of pending disaster as new changes are forced upon ALL Western societies. 

The English-speaking world, which is based on ideas espoused by the Magna Carta & the English Common Law, have served us well in disseminating beliefs in Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, the Rule of Law, Individual Rights vs Group Rights & the true meaning of Democracy (originally defined as Rule of the Majority for the Majority). 

All these ideas have been misinterpreted & used against modern-day society with the expressed purpose of destroying the established state by creating a state of Collective Guilt in our population through educational institutions.  They have done this by giving credence to small groups which have demanded “special rights” based on their specificity to which the majority MUST acquiesce by law, established specifically to silence society for the protection of these small but powerful, publically-funded groups.  These small groups use the threat of violence to intimidate the larger majority who have lived in peace & prosperity for so long, they no longer know how to react except in silence.

This disturbing phenomenon reaches all segments of our society & the general population is so confused that they no longer know what to do, so they “switch off” & do nothing.  Fortunately, we still have a few brave people who are willing to speak up & fight back & one of them is a gentleman whose courage has made him a universal celebrity & a champion of Free Speech.  I’m, of course, referring to Prof. Jordan Peterson, the professor who refused to be bullied into using the various pronouns created by his students based upon their sexual identity. 

The growing anxiety about how Western civilization is being made to suffer the Collective Guilt, based solely upon their success through recent history, is being written about by many prominent writers.  Conrad Black wrote:  “We need to jettison the phoney guilt complex”

Do we need to keep apologizing for the superiority of the English language or feel guilty that it is a fact of life?

Kim McConnell

As we are still an organization focussed on the battle against the Official Languages Act 1969 (incorporated into the flawed 1982 Constitution), let me remind our readers that the OLA is still only a Federal law as language is still a provincial prerogative.  How else can anyone explain that Quebec is an officially French-language province & New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province.  The injustice perpetrated on the English-speaking minority in Quebec is legion & so well-known that I won’t go into details here; the growing power of the French minority in NB is starting to irritate the English-speaking majority & we all hope & pray that the PANB under the leadership of Kris Austin will be able bring some balance back to that province, linguistically speaking.   

 Ontario is the next target on the French agenda & as the Ontario Office of the French Language is now an independent body (answerable only to themselves), it has expanded its agenda to elevate the demands of the French-speakers in every aspect of provincial jurisdiction – more money for Education, Social Services, Health-care & Access to Justice.  Let us remember that we’re talking about less than 4% of the total population (2016 census – mother-tongue French – 3.69%) & what they want will cost several more millions that the province just doesn’t have).  Ontario’s debt can be found here:    

For the year 2017 – 2018, the net debt is $311.6 Billion.

So forgive me if I sound a bit upset that we’re leaving our grand-children with such a heavy financial burden as the Canadian economy continues under the leadership of irresponsible governments (both Federal & provincial).

Thanks to our excellent researcher, EL, who finds a lot of very interesting articles in the French media which is then translated into English, using Google Translate, we’re able to find information that seems to elude the English-language media.  Whether this topic is not in their sphere of interest, I have no idea.

Anyway, we acknowledge that the French know the value of complaints & they submit complaints on anything that they feel will increase their power or force the spending of more tax-payer dollars to that end.  This article by Benjamin Vachet deals with several complaints about the lack of French in the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada (the BNA 1867).  The Lt. Govr. Of Ontario, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, in defence of her office, said that the French were not ignored in the celebrations.  She was able to quote instances where French songs were sung (see references below).  The complaint was submitted to both the provincial & the federal language offices.

The Lt. Govr. Gen., Elizabeth Dowdeswell, should be commended for knowing her job well enough not to be easily intimidated.

Both the Federal and Ontario Language Commissioners turned down any investigation into the Ontario Lt. Governor’s party being mostly in English. The ON Lt. Govr.’s Office represents the Queen, not the governments.

The French-language communities in Ontario are already well-served.  If we have the resources to track down the amount of tax dollars spent on the French, we will doubtlessly find that more is spent on that community, per capita,  than on the non-French.  The only reason for their ability to conn the citizens into accepting this unfair situation is their cries of ASSIMILATION.  That is now used as the primary reason why the whole country MUST be Frenchified – to preserve, promote & protect a language & culture that cannot exist without massive infusion of tax dollars.  The fact that a minority language is the major criteria for qualification in our public service, resulting in an over-representation of speakers from that group, appears not to bother too many politicians.  Can anyone offer me a good reason why?

Kim McConnell

TORONTO - The lack of Francophone artists during the gala, organized by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, to mark the 150 th anniversary of Confederation, June 28, reacted. But a complaint filed with the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner (FLSC) and then the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​(CLO) in Canada was inconsequential.


The gala concert entitled Where one stands: A tribute to the 150 th anniversary of Ontario and Canada was meant "an opportunity to honor the new members of the Order of Ontario, and all the people who have received this honor in the last 30 years ".

The event, funded by the Ontario government, caused the disappointment of a guest who, on condition of anonymity, confided in #ONfr .

"By receiving the invitation, I did not understand how a show celebrating the 150 thanniversary of Ontario and Canada could take place without any French artist and be animated in English ... So I decided to write in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario prior to the show to make sure that French would have a place at the event. "

Ceremony in English

Despite a few sentences in French in Ms. Dowdeswell's speech, the ceremony, hosted by historian Hugh Brewster and actress Cynthia Dale, was held in English only.

The presence of French was summed up in the extract from the opera Wiikondiwin presented in Anishnaabe, in French and in English, to the song O Canada! my country, my loves , interpreted in French and Where we stand, offered in both official languages.

The French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario, François Boileau. Image credit: Archives #ONfr.

What motivates a complaint to the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner (CSF). The latter, after verifying the lack of involvement of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, decided to forward the complaint to his federal counterpart, while stressing to the complainant "that he has received several complaints concerning the Office of the Lieutenant Governor during the summer ".

"We decided not to make this complaint a priority. The complainant is absolutely right, but we prefer to focus on direct services to the population, such as health, child care, education, access to justice ... "says the Services Commissioner in French from Ontario, François Boileau, in interview with #ONfr .

No linguistic obligations for the Lieutenant Governor

Six months later, the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages ​​(OCOL) of Canada indicated that it could not investigate this case.

"Lieutenant-Governors are direct representatives of the Queen in their provinces. They no longer represent the federal government as in the past. We do not deal with complaints about them, "the CLO told #ONfr in an e-mail exchange.

"Compliance with Ontario's French Language Services Act or the Canada Official Languages ​​Act does not apply at the highest level of the Ontario government, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. This is what the Government of Canada has just confirmed to me! ", Regrets, surprised, the complainant.

This observation is confirmed by Mr. Boileau.

"Providing communications in both official languages ​​for the Lieutenant Governor's Office is only good practice. This seems normal in a province that has language obligations with the French Language Services Act. But it does not concern the Lieutenant-Governor's Office. "

Good cooperation

The French Language Services Commissioner reports, however, that he has already made recommendations to the latter.

"When we made recommendations in the past, changes were made. The Lieutenant Governor's office is showing good cooperation, "he says.

Joined by #ONfr , Ms. Dowdeswell's team reiterated its same arguments, in an email sent in English and French.

"The Office of the Lieutenant Governor has taken great care to include French in the festivities, recognizing its importance as Canada's official language. In fact, in addition to the Lieutenant Governor's speech, the following gala elements were in French: an excerpt from Wiikondiwin, "O Canada! my country, my loves ", by Georges-Étienne Cartier and" Where we stand ", also presented in English. In addition, the gala program was also printed in both languages, "said Dowdesweell's chief of staff, Anthony Hylton.

Quoting from Conrad Black’s article, entitled: “There can be no real justice when everyone is a victim”

"Canada is constantly officially apologizing and making reparations in all directions — natives, gays, militant women, trans-gender and sexually ambiguous people. Everyone wants justice but there can be no justice if everyone is a victim. Confession is good for the soul and the mind, when it is sincere and proportionate, but we are running the risk of being the first people in history to induce a state of profound moral complacency by the torment of endless self-accusation.....”

How does Conrad's statement above square with his support for the Official Languages Act or the French Language policy (Bill 101) in Quebec?  Will an Anglo Quebecer like to ask him?



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