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24 March 2018

Social Transfer & Wealth Redistribution

The irony of the situation, exposed by Kelly MacParland’s article below, is worth our attention.  Quebec, the perpetual “have-not” province (raking in $12B – 2018 estimate) from the Equalization Payments Program, part of the “Welfare State” philosophy entrenched in P.E. Trudeau’s flawed 1982 Constitution, is climbing out of its hellish economic situation while Ontario, once touted as the richest province in Canada, is facing a greater economic future than ever.  Ontario is racing towards bankruptcy with a debt of $312B & a deficit this year of $8B.  Why should that concern us?

As an organization that is focussed on the unfairness of the Official Languages Act (1969 Federal legislation - also part of the flawed 1982 Constitution), which has worked consistently to promote the minority French-speakers at the expense of the majority English-speakers, how does the situation affect our attempts to be heard?  Well, for a start, a large number of Canadians seem to believe that Canada is an officially bilingual country; an egregious error that we have consistently attempted to refute.  Even our politicians (federal, provincial & municipal) don’t seem to understand that language legislation is the purview of the provinces – how else can anyone explain that Quebec is officially unilingual French and New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province, having passed its own laws stating so in 1969?  Suffice it to say that the other provinces are, by default, NOT officially bilingual.  Ontario has passed various versions of the French Language Services Act (1986) which, through the years have been given more money & more power in the attempt to elevate the status of the 3.69% (2016 census) mother-tongue French-speakers.  Proof of both claims can be supplied to anyone interested.  

So, has the years of receiving Equalization Payments from the other provinces (including Ontario) be the main reason why Quebec’s economy is doing so well?  Details for Federal Transfers to all provinces are available here:

From 2007 - 2017, the total federal transfers to Quebec (Health, Social & Equalization) total $21,402,000,000 ($21.4 Billion); for the same period, the total federal transfers to Ontario (Health, Social & Equalization) totalling $21,303,000,000 ($21.3 Billion).  The difference is that Equalization payments to ON only started in 2009:

  • 2009 - $347M;
  • 2010 - $972M;
  • 2011 - $2,200M;
  • 2012 - $3,261M;
  • 2013 - $3.169M;
  • 2014 - $1,988M;
  • 2015 - $2.363M;
  • 2016 - $2,304M

Having to supply government services to the public in both English & French is expensive (an expense that Quebec does not have to shoulder).  The French Language Services Act cost the Ontario government $27,036,630 in 2013 & in 2015-16, the estimate was $39,419,300.   The Ontario PC Party has never shown any interest in this topic, despite our efforts to enlighten them to this file.  Whether it’s the fear of being called “racist” or “anti-French” or just the fear of such a powerful group, fully funded & with so much organized support, we leave to your imagination.  Patrick Brown is fully bilingual & supports the French cause so we’re glad he’s out as the leader of the ON PCs.  What about Doug Ford, the new PC Party leader?  He says that Ontario is in dire economic straits – has he got the courage to say “NO” to the powerful French lobby when they come calling for more money?  Does such a small minority have the right to demand more, just on the basis of the fear of assimilation?

We are not just concerned from the money angle – we are concerned that making more government services bilingual (and not just where numbers warrant) will mean that French becomes the criteria for employment & not MERIT, which should be the way our very well-paid public servants are selected.  It places the French-speakers (who are usually also fluent in English) on a higher employability scale.  It also puts pressure on parents to send their children to French Immersion schools where the emphasis put on learning French takes time away from learning English, Maths, Science & other more valuable skills.  Some kids can handle this but most kids cannot as shown by studies done in NB where F.I. has been a failure.  Dr. J.D Willms (University of NB) has an interesting report; Jane Sherrard is very concerned about the English schools in NB & I’ve collected a number of articles on the failure of French Immersion schools to graduate properly educated students, in either English or French.  Ask for these items if you are concerned.

We are gathering statistics to help us show Canadians that the public service is over-populated by French-speakers.  Any public servant who can provide us with a break-down of your department’s employees (the % of employees who are French by mother-tongue), please forward them to: 

Canadians for Language Fairness

P.O. Box 40111

Bank & Hunt Club Postal Outlet

2515 Bank Street.

Ottawa, ON, K1V 0W8

Kim McConnell

National Post


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