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21 MArch 2017

Two Important Reminders

I don't usually circulate two messages so close together but this is urgent.

Number 1

I was just told about a CBC production by Montreal film maker - John Walker.

The film will be airing on the CBC Documentary Channel this Wednesday night at 9pm ET.

The trailer is available at this link:

Quebec My Country Mon Pays

Quebec My Country Mon Pays charts the aftermath of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution in the 1960s.

CBC film - Mon Pays

Quebec My Country Mon Pays charts the aftermath of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution in the 1960s. This social justice movement unleashed dramatic cultural and political changes that led to the separatist movement, the FLQ terrorist crisis and, ultimately, the exodus of more than 500,000 English-speaking Quebecers. Montreal-born filmmaker John Walker reveals his own complicated relationship with the province in a film brimming with love and longing.

Walker’s roots in Quebec go back 250 years. Yet he’s struggled his entire life to find his place and to feel he truly belongs. In Quebec My Country Mon Pays, he explores a very personal story through the lens of a cast of characters including three generations of his family, childhood confidantes and artistic contemporaries – Denys Arcand, Jacques Godbout and Louise Pelletier – as well as Christina Clark, a young person whose experience today mirrors Walker’s own in the 1960s and ‘70s, and Emilie Gélinas, a young Quebec independentist.

In a quest to make sense of a divisive and transformative time in Quebec’s evolution, they each wrestle with their memories, their decisions and the continuing reverberations.

Many of our readers were among the half million Anglo-Quebecers who left Quebec because the French extremists wanted Quebec to belong only to French-speakers.  P.E. Trudeau's repatriated 1982 Constitution made it possible for the French to make life uncomfortable for non-Quebecois.  Forcing French "down their throats" was unacceptable - it was easier to sell up and leave for parts of Canada that still operated in English.  The film talked about the violence of the FLQ, generating the Fear Factor that is so successful in chasing people out of their "safe spaces" in the post WW2 world.  People had just gotten used to peace & the "good life" & they didn't want to fight.  It was much easier to leave when they could.  Those who decided to stay accepted the dominance of the French language.

If you wish to comment after watching the film, please feel free. 

Kim McConnell

Number 2

The next important reminder is that those who want to help choose the right leader for the Canadian Party of Canada (CPC), must register as members of the party before March 28th.   If you want to register, go to:

The final vote for the person to lead this party will be May 27th.

This is not an attempt to persuade you to support the CPC - that is entirely your decision.

There are other parties to vote for - do your research & find out which one best satisfies you.

The Libertarian Party of Canada -

The Cultural Action Party of Canada -

The Canadian Action Party -

There is just one thing I want to say - the Liberal Party under the leadership of PM Justin Trudeau will destroy Canada in just a few more years.  That party is piling on the debt like you won't believe; it is also determined to flood the country with immigrants from troubled areas of the world who will bring their problems with them & Canada will inherit the problems now tearing Europe apart.   There are other things about the Liberal Party that will forever destroy them in the eyes of this organization - the Official Languages Policy & the destructive Equalization Payments policy are the two worst features of the disastrous 1982 Constitution.  You may want to add other features like the unelected Senate.    

Whatever bothers you, don't expect any ONE party to have all the answers.  There are just too many problems so think about what bothers you most.  Someone put together a set of questions - if you want to help me identify the five (5) most important ones, I would be willing to send them to all the politicians of all the parties.  This might help them understand us better.  So here's the survey:

Survey - which would you identify as your 5 top concerns?

1.We need to screen immigrants to ensure that they support Canadian values, including democracy, free speech, and equal rights for women.  Face coverings should never be allowed during citizenship ceremonies and legal proceedings.

2.        We need to drastically reduce the rate of immigration, to moderate the home price inflation that has made home ownership unaffordable for many Canadians in Toronto and Vancouver.

3.        Canada's "multiculturalism" policy provides a slush fund for politicians to buy votes. This is bad enough in itself, but it also balkanizes Canada, separating and dividing our various ethnic groups. In contrast, the "melting pot" is a better model for integrating various ethnic groups to create a harmonious society. Therefore, all "multiculturalism" spending should be terminated.

5.        The Equalization Payments Policy discourages self-sufficiency in provinces as "have-not" provinces are not encouraged to spend responsibly, knowing that the money will come from the "have" provinces or that the money will come from adding on to our already massive national or provincial debts.   

6.        Official bilingualism has gone much too far. Many Anglophones find that only Francophones can qualify for government jobs, and that the civil service is increasingly dominated by Francophones.

7.        University professors should not be required to address students with invented pronouns. The absurdity of this requirement has been explained very well on Youtube by Prof Jordan Peterson, who teaches psychology at the University of Toronto.  Total responsible Freedom of speech should be allowed.

8.        We need to restore balance to the political climate on Canadian university campuses. These days, universities devote too much effort to left-wing political indoctrination and to nurturing extreme left-wing political activism. Universities should expose their students to a diversity of views, and encourage debate. Universities that coddle students with "safe spaces" and cave in to extremist demands should lose their government funding. Debate is essential for democracy, and the over-paid administrators are responsible for having failed us on this issue. They need to be held accountable.

9.        The CBC should be privatized, and/or funded by voluntary donations. Canadian taxpayers should not be forced to support the CBC.

10.      We should support Quebec Separatism - they want to be treated as if the are special because they have the French language & culture as their defining character.  They should be allowed to decide whatever they want to do without being supported financially by Canada outside Quebec.


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