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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Kudos To South Stormont Again!

The following are President Kim McConnell's thoughts to this link about the recent deadline set out by South Stormont council to Cornwall Community Hospital's bilingualism policy.

Kudos to Tammy Hart and Cindy Woods for having the courage to stand firm against discrimination of the majority English-speakers.

The hospital is only being asked to eliminate bilingualism as an imperative in their ads - not that difficult a thing to do.  Bilingualism as an asset when ALL other qualifications and experience are equal - why is that such a difficult request to fill?  Surely, a nurse's qualification and experience are more important than fluency in a minority language? It is a fact that they don't get enough bilingual applicants anyway and that is why they have to take on unilingual applicants.  Why is CCH so stubborn on this point? The CCH is not violating provincial guidelines by doing this so what's the big deal?

President (CLF)


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