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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Quebec Politicans Held To Lower Standards

Jonathan Kay in this article is outraged at Canadian reaction (or should I say, non-reaction) to the extremism issuing from the mouth of Pauline Marois.  I guess the double standard that we see in Canada between the behaviour of politicians from Quebec and the politicians from outside Quebec is very puzzling to many Canadians.  Why is it that we put up with the racism that is so outrageous in Quebec while we hold politicians outside Quebec to a much higher standard of behaviour?  Mr. Kay suggests that it could be because we’ve come to expect this kind of behaviour from Quebec politicians whose preoccupation with the French language & culture is used to explain their every move.  It that a good enough excuse to propose policies “that are unconstitutional and even bigoted”?

More Canadian columnists and talk-shows are coming forward to say what too many of our politicians dare not say and for that we have to be very grateful.  More ordinary Canadians are so fed-up with Quebecers for tolerating this bad behaviour that we are willing to write off the province of Quebec - thus punishing the innocent with the guilty.

Tasha Kheiriddin, in the 2nd article is talking about an election strategy that could possibly work to stop the PQ from winning the election.  If the PQ wins this election, we’re in for more wrangling from this lady who has promised to be a bigger pain in Canada’s behind.  The country is in NO mood to acquiesce to more of the “we want more from you” syndrome so Harper has been warned about giving in to this strategy.

All I can say is - if you live in Quebec, be prepared for more anger from the Rest (Most) of Canada.  Also be prepared to pack your bags because this is going to be a rough ride!!!

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