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October 17, 2012

Workers In Ottawa From Quebec

Graham Fraser sent his language spies out (at the cost of $90,000) to gauge the use of French and they came back to report that a very low percentage of Ottawans want to provide service in French.  I just took the poll below the article and the result is just about right - only 15% feel that Ottawa businesses need to offer French-language services!!! 

I suppose now Graham Fraser wants the City of Ottawa to pass a by-law enforcing the use of French in the private sector (having already done so at the municipal government level).  This of course means that ONLY French-speakers will get the jobs!!!  We already have a huge number of Quebecers working in Ottawa, according to this table compiled about 10 years ago.

From this table we see that 33,260 more Quebecers working in Ottawa live in Quebec and pay taxes to Quebec.  No wonder the City of Ottawa is broke!!!  Not only are they taking our jobs but our hospitals in Ottawa take in a large number of Quebecers who don’t pay our hospital rates and have to be subsidized by the Ontario tax-payers.

This is all happening because the Liberal government is very pro-French and will do ANYTHING to ensure that the 4% French-speakers have 1st class status (segregated and better funded schools, medical services and community centres).  Now that the Liberal government under Dalton McGuinty is on the point of collapse, can we find ANY politician brave enough to stand for the rights of English-speakers to jobs in this province without having to be bilingual?

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