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Thursay, April 11,  2013

Graham Fraser On The War Path : French Language Priorities

Oh dear, Graham Fraser is on the war path against two top Ministers - John Baird & Julian Fantino.  Don’t these people know that the Official Languages Act MUST always be uppermost in the ministers’ mind?  Never mind that it doesn’t make sense, don’t they know that their first duty is to the French-speaking minority, that most valued group in Canada that must be protected, promoted and preserved, no matter what ?!!!  Can you imagine the audacity of this French Language Commissar quoting the Federal Identity Program when his office and his minions have violated the program more times than we can count?  When any complaint regarding any imagined slight against French-language rights comes across his desk, Graham Fraser jumps and immediately orders his French-dominated office to investigate.  When any English-language complaints come in about the FIP being violated, he totally ignores them.

The NDP with its power base in Quebec, has its French MPs always on the look-out for any violation on the part of the Conservative Ministers.

When will Canadians start to understand that as long as Quebec and the French-Fact is part of Canada, the English-speaking majority will have NO chance to be treated fairly.  When will the Conservative government put these pesky language watch-dogs down?

The 2nd story is about a Liberal MPP who is using the Language Card to try to stop the Dept. of Defence from relocating from the east end to the west end of Ottawa.

President (CLF)



Is this all they have to do with their taxpayer paid for time? English is the language of the world - not French (thankfully).

That entire "agency" needs to be closed down. It is just another sinecure for politicians to earn big money for which they need to spend a little time on the job to justify that - just like in the Senate, whose members are as entirely useless as teats on a bull.

David Fieldstone


Language watchdog to decide quickly on investigation into DND move to Nortel campus - Ottawa Citizen

Liberal MPP, Phil McNeely, is on the hot seat in Ottawa for playing the language card.  Most of the calls this week to most of the shows on CFRA lambasted Phil McNeely for complaining that it was not fair to force the Francophones to relocate from the east end (French-dominant) to the west end (non-French dominant).  Listen to Lowell Green’s April 8 show on the video page

In fact most of the talk-show hosts (even fence-sitter Mark Sutcliffe) thought that Phil had shot himself in the foot for making such a fuss when many Ottawans have to travel across town to their jobs and no politician comes forward to speak for them!!!  As Lowell said, a large number of Ottawans were forced to move across the river to the Quebec side when the Liberal govt. relocated many Federal offices to Gatineau.  

Jean Chretien even moved the Federal Tax Office from Ottawa to his riding in Shawinigan, Quebec.  Nobody complained - why?  Because most of them are English-speakers and they had accepted that the Liberal Party is determined to make Quebec the centre of their powerbase.


Which brings me to the topic of my next message - the political and economic power base is moving west.  A book, written by Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson, “The Big Shift” - The Seismic Change in Canadian Politics, Business, and Culture and What It Means for Our Future.


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