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Tuesday, 31 April 2013

Name Something That Has NOT Been Manipulated?

Another win for a French speaker who moved to Yellowknife from Quebec to teach French.  This guy is perfectly bilingual but the French judge said that he was NOT informed of his right to his trial in French.  Sensing his advantage, Mr. Latour changed his mind part-way through his case and demanded that the trial be in French.

Let’s look at the census picture of Yellowknife.  Yellowknife has a population of 19,234, according to the 2011 census.

Yellowknife - Mother tongue

Note: Counts for mother tongue as well as those for language spoken most often at home include single responses only.

In Yellowknife, 79.6% of the population reported English only as mother tongue, 4.3% reported French only, and 14.7% reported only a non-official language, in 2011. In comparison, the provincial / territorial percentages were 76.5% for English only, 2.6% for French only and 19.6% for only non-official languages.

In 2011, 90.2% of the population spoke only English most often at home, 2.4% spoke only French and 5.9% spoke only a non-official language. In comparison, the provincial / territorial percentages were 88.9% for English only, 1.3% for French only and 8.8% for only a non-official language.

So we can see very clearly that the proportion of French-speakers in Yellowknife is very small (4.3% by mother tongue & 2.4% by language most often spoken at home).  Provincially, the corresponding figures are 2.6% by mother tongue and 1.3% by language most often spoken at home.

Against this backdrop of the 2011 census, let us look at this National Post story.

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We have seen how the French have been manipulating the Constitution, the Justice System, the Official Languages Act and the Charter to suit themselves.  There is NEVER any lack of funds to protect the French, whether it is the Federal Judicial system or the Provincial Judicial system.  New Brunswick has seen so many examples of where the French have used language to escape justice. Here’s one

The real problem with the OLA & the French-biased Justice system is that, if Caron wins his case, Alberta will have to spend millions of dollars translating all their laws into French!!!

Another injustice is that, when a trial is conducted in French, the unilingual English-speaking accuser is totally without recourse.  So who cares that she is part of the English-speaking majority?  Only the rights of a pampered French-speaking minority is important, isn’t it?

This reminds me of another case where a French activist was charged for assaulting an Anglo in N.B. in 2000 and the trial was held in French, leaving the accuser unable to understand the proceedings:

Anglo angry at court language

BURTON, N.B. - Tempers flared Thursday at the trial of a Quebec man accused of assaulting a member of the New Brunswick Anglo Society. "It should be on the front page of every God-damned paper that's in Canada." The dispute is over the language used inside the courtroom. Eric Cyr was charged after an altercation in Fredericton during a flag-raising ceremony last year.

Language, the issue

The trial is being conducted in French. That doesn't sit well with the man Cyr is charged with assaulting. "It's not fair. It's not right," says Matthew Glenn. "We don't hear one word back where we're sitting. I mean, it's a bilingual province. Why isn't it set up so we all can hear it? It should be on the front page of every God-damned paper that's in Canada."

Rights, the reason

Cyr says it's his right to be tried in own language. "It's part of the rights of every citizen in this country to be heard in their own language and to decide that if you're accused." When the trial resumes on Friday, a lengthy Radio-Canada TV report documenting last year's scuffle may be introduced as evidence for the prosecution.

As an update - the case was dismissed - insufficient evidence of the assault even though there was a policeman at the scene who reported the whole thing. This is the future of English-speakers in Canada?

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