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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are Language Debates Holding Up Corporate Plans In Quebec?

After being away from the issue of our problems with Quebec for 11 days, it was a relief to come home to read this story of a failed sovereigntist leaving Quebec for England to seek his fortune.  Dan Delmar has exposed Quebec’s failure as an economic entity, unable to hang onto one of its leaders who was attempting to create the façade of Quebec as an independent state.  Aussant’s failure is repeated by the exodus of thousands of young Quebecers who have abandoned Quebec for other parts of Canada, if not the world.

Below the National Post column, is the link from the Montreal Gazette, also on Aussant.

I was sent an article on the Equalization Payments policy that has been keeping Quebec afloat and I feel that this is the right time to bring forward the fact that the Equalization Payments policy is totally to blame for enabling the “have-not” provinces to become economically dependent on the “have” provinces.  Welfarism, as we know only too well, only encourages dependency and provinces like Quebec (being the prime receiver of largesse from the Rest or Most of Canada) have been given a false sense of security which has encouraged their sense of “entitlement” and developed in them an arrogance that is unmatched anywhere else in Canada.

Time to waken up Canadians to this untenable situation which, if not resolved, will destroy Canada.

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