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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is Graham Fraser Trying To Create Work?

It is amazing that Graham Fraser, the Language Commissioner, is relentless when he attacks the Federal government for not toeing the line in obeying the dictates of the Official Languages Act (OLA).  In the article below he wants ALL business cards for government officials to be bilingual - I wonder if he will also insist that English should precede French as dictated by the Federal Identity Policy (FIP) when the official is operating in Canada outside Quebec?

In the last message circulated regarding the signage on official government air-crafts, his office showed us their ignorance of the FIP protocol and his official response was that the FIP does not apply.  His office either does not know the FIP or he is deliberately violating that policy with impunity.

When he insists that the OLA must be adhered to in his complaints about government business cards, I hope that he will also insist on the FIP being respected and give English its proper place as the first official language spoken by most Canadians.

President (CLF)

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