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Friday , August 30, 2013

Quebec Is Its Own Worst Enemy!!

Sometimes I think that all we have to do is - just sit back and let them destroy themselves with their own stupidity.  So here’s the weapon that they’ve turned on themselves - they will not allow companies based in Quebec to invest outside Quebec if their company prospectus is not in French.  Similarly, companies based outside Quebec cannot operate in Quebec unless they can do so in French.  The result?  Companies avoid operating in Quebec!!!  Will this worsen their economic potential - absolutely!!!  Do they care?  Not as long as the Equalization Payments pour billions into their provincial coffers and they can still afford the cheapest child-care and the cheapest university education!!!

This brings me to my favourite topic - the Equalization Payments policy!!!  There are so many articles written on this idiotic socialist policy but I will only include the one written by Kelly McParland.  In it you will find links to all the others.

Ken Kellington from out west has taken the time and trouble to draw up a table showing the actual amount of equalization given to the various “have-not” provinces from 1957 to 2013.  This table cannot be circulated by our existing distribution service so if you want it, you will have to contact me and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

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