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Thursday , December 19, 2013

1.5 Billion Not Enough Says Quebec

Quebec grabs $1.5 billion more in equalization program - Sun News Network

For those on this distribution list who have not seen the videos that Keith B. sends around - they are very well done.  I don’t know how he manages to capture all these videos to prove his points but somehow he does and he really puts together videos that are hard-hitting and very relevant to our battle against what is happening vis-à-vis Quebec and the aggressive Frenchification agenda followed by the French zealots, seemingly with the cooperation of the Federal government.  NO politician EXCEPT Danny Williams has the guts to say anything about the “games” being played by Quebec

Keith writes:

What's worse is that Quebec is CHEATING to get more.

Their "state run" Hydro company is giving a 40% subsidy for cheaper rates which in turn means the government needs more transfer payments from the rest of Canada.

And the aggravating part of it is it's NO SECRET!!  Even prominent, well respected people like Danny Williams have made light of this. They can afford all these things on the backs of the ROC.


They don't care about going further into debt because if the debt is ever called, Canada will end up holding the bag for it, and they KNOW it!!!

Quotes fromDanny Williams - "the French ministers are working on behalf of Quebec but not on behalf of the rest of Canada."

"All Quebec politicians work for Quebec first at the expense of the rest of the country"

"I am not suggesting that, I am saying that" -- Danny Williams --

What more do the English-speakers and the rest of Canada need to wake up and understand we are being swindled out of cash to a province that takes money from the ROC as if they are a province while acting as if they are a "nation?"

This is insanely ridiculous!!!

And then they turn around and have the nerve to whine while trying to make us walk on egg shellsbecause the English are finally waking up and pushing back ever so slightly.

It's obvious from this clip that bilingualism is NOT what they want.  They want everyone to speak French ONLY

To see more of the videos created by Keith B., link to and click on the big eye for videos (Keith is Kilroy).  Andrew Phillips, our technical web master has done a fabulous job with our web site - please visit us and see what he has done.

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