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Thursday , December 5 , 2013

Barry Irvine's Thoughts From NB

Quebec’s very anti-minority policy (against ALL minorities, it seems) is having a marked effect - people are leaving Quebec in significant numbers.  Here is Dan Delmar’s article about the movement of well-educated Quebecers leaving Quebec because they no longer feel welcomed in Quebec.  That province is losing some very valuable resources as these well-educated, young professionals could be the building blocks for a new Quebec that should be working to wean itself from the largesse of the open treasury of Western Canada.  With the Equalization Policy under review in 2014, it won’t be long before Quebec is forced to get off its socialist butt and work to preserve the lifestyle to which it has become so accustomed from way back when the Liberal Party of Canada manipulated our country so that Quebec was able to live off the rest of us and feel NO shame about doing so!!!  As Chretien said, “we are entitled to our entitlement”.

We shouldn’t be surprised - English-speaking Quebecers (born & bred) have been leaving Quebec for the last 40 - 50 years, ever since the militant French-speakers have been using their intimidation tactics by passing various anti-English laws (Bill 22, 178, 101).  Not satisfied with that, they are now doing everything they can think of to intimidate the religious minorities.

Barry Irvine of New Brunswick is fighting hard against the increasing Frenchification of N.B. and his letter below is presented for anyone wishing to help him raise awareness of the struggles of the English-speakers.  New Brunswick has about 30% French-speakers (many coming from Quebec to take over top bilingual jobs in the public service of N.B.).  If the English-speaking New Brunswickers don’t fight back soon, they will be very quickly swamped by the militant Acadians who have been given full legal & financial support by the Official Languages Act.  Don’t just run away like the English-speakers in Quebec - stay and fight!!!  You have the numbers - all you need is the will to fight!!!

President (CLF)


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The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada

Office of the Prime Minister?

80 Wellington St.?

Ottawa, On K1A 0A2

Re: Government Representation of Majority Interests and Public Meeting on Language Issues?

Dear Mr. Harper:

This letter seeks to address the promotion and propagation of the minority French / Acadian culture to a status above the majority status.?

  1. We wish to address Institutional Bilingualism and the discrimination being caused by it. This intentional segregation of communities here in NB and the R.O.C. caused by Frenchification, through the guise of the more purile bilingualism, has got to stop.
  2. We also wish to draw attention to the ploy of Quebec’s threats of Separation and how it is using national or federal unity to invade the rest of Canada with Social Reform Policies.
  3. We must address Section 16.1 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms that serve to preserve and promote equality between the two linguistic communities, specifically the loss of 'distinct educational institutions in English schools in NB.
  4. WE have to repeal the Official Language Laws and look at this treasonous effort by Quebec to enforce French Supremacy on the R.O.C. This means including the Sign Laws (Bill Z22 taken from Bill 22 and now Bill 101) that violate the Freedom of Expression.
  5. WE MUST make our Federal Government accountable and stop enabling Quebec to use our own tax dollars, that we bleed for, against us!! This includes removing Crown Corporations and those Corporations (Heritage, Immigration, etc.) of a Federal nature or those subsidized by federal tax monies, to be removed from the Province of Quebec.  All federal interests should be retracted from Quebec instantly.
  6. We insist that a federal panel, in conjunction with provincial subpanels, be implemented to review the disproportionate Federal Transfer Payments (58% approx.) to Quebec.
  7. We wish to reassess the over-representation in Parliament by Quebec and the influence of their Reform Policies and invasive laws outside of Quebec.
  8. We wish to confront Quebec and its double standards for interprovincial trade relations. The proposed Bill 88 of Ontario serves as a good starting point for equality being a two-way street.
  9. WE demand a public referendum on Institutional Bilingualism and the Official Languages Act.
  10. We DEMAND (because we've been ignored and misrepresented when we requested) an audience with the Premiers and you, our leader of the Federal Government, to address the violations of human rights and freedoms and the discriminations / violations of our equal rights and status as the majority tax paying portion of Canadian Society!

Thank you for your valuable time. We hope you can see the urgency of this matter; we wish to avoid the escalating public confrontations and divisiveness of linguistic communities.?We wish to promote and preserve Canadian Rights and Canadian Values. We seek inclusivity and democratic recourse. We expect these are convivial to a harmonious and prosperous Canada as well as a truer representation of Canada as Peacekeepers in the International Community. We must not allow inaction and misinformation to pave the way of supremacist ideologies.

WE MUST ACT DEMOCRATICALLY and we need you to LEAD US. We don't want cowards (Chamberlain) we want champions (Churchill) and we will stand behind THAT leader.

The urgency is real as are our concerns. This is evidenced by Bill 60 in Quebec that seeks to further quell English Rights and Freedoms (Freedom of Religion). Please advise in writing as to your intentions so that we may better look to making an informed decision in the upcoming elections.

Respectfully yours,

(Originated by Barry Irvine: Democratic Rights Activist and Founder of ERNBA)


We, in Ontario, understand only too well how helpless the majority English-speakers in New Brunswick feel.    We are struggling too because, as the majority, we have NO recourse to justice.   The very flawed Charter that was inflicted on us by P.E. Trudeau was deliberately crafted to protect only the French-speaking minorities outside Quebec (if you live in Quebec, your minority rights have NO value).

The Charter will be examined in greater detail in upcoming messages.


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