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Wednesday , December 11, 2013

"Bilingualism" Costs Ontario BIG bucks

Our battle in Eastern Ontario against Official Bilingualism has attracted the attention of a very active political activist who wrote to me after a recent message she had received from us about what’s happening in New Brunswick, Quebec & Ontario.  The power of the French is growing by leaps and bounds - first of all in Quebec where the French language is paramount and the separatist government has been able to pass many very draconian anti-English laws (totally without any protest from the Office of the Official Languages Commissioner); in New Brunswick the 30+% French speakers are calling all the shots because they have the support of the provincial Official Languages Act, the very vocal & powerful Acadian lobby group and the English-speaking politicians who dare not fight back; in Ontario with the 4+% French speakers who have the power of the French Language Services Act (passed in 1986 under very nefarious conditions) and where the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner (Francois Boileau) is asking for even more power to “protect” the French-speaking minority.  Where jobs in the public sector are already in numbers that far exceed their numbers in population size and where it is also increasing in the private sector, I’m not sure what kind of protection they are demanding.  The protection of minorities is a very laudable principle but when laws elevate the rights of the minority against the rights of the majority, that principle can no longer be considered supportable or laudable.

Sharon MacLise, a political activist from Alberta, wrote this to me:

This sort of capitulation to the French in Ontario will kill this country because of the huge electoral power it has.  When it comes down to it, the Feds don’t give a shit about the ROC if they have the votes of Quebec & Ontario.  If they have that they sure don’t need the rest of us.  So your fight on this front is most important.

Is it possible for one of your group to write an op ed for my website?  It will be up soon.  I am trying to get some writing done for it and this would be a good early editorial - How Forced French is Helping Destroy Ontario.

Some of our more productive writers have already been approached to help spread the message of warning to the West.  The Westerners who have been in contact with us are very supportive of our stance because they understand the danger of official bilingualism only too well - many are refugees from the Eastern provinces where they find that unless they are fully functional in French, they cannot get jobs.  But a large part of the West is still not as well informed as they should be so Sharon’s request is taken very seriously.

The Western provinces are very upset with the Eastern provinces because they have long been treated very badly by the Eastern provinces.  This is because the Eastern provinces were the older parts of Canada and claimed many historical rights not given to the newer Western provinces which joined Confederation much later.   Representational rights in Parliament is just one example of the imbalance which has given the West less power than the East.  With the increase in population out West, the Harper government has pledged to correct that by increasing the number of seats in Ontario, Alberta & B.C. (adding 30 more seats to Parliament).

The other bug-bear that the Western provinces (especially Alberta) has is the long-established Liberal policy known as the Equalization Payments Policy.  This is due for review in 2014 and it is imperative that the West brings pressure to bear on their own government to make drastic changes to this policy.  The socialist principles of “sharing the wealth” may sound very honourable but like ALL socialist policies, it does NOT work.  Like Welfarism, all it does is encourage the “takers” to take more and the “makers” to get less - a formula that will lead to disaster for the whole country.  With the new year approaching, there will be more written about this policy and why we have to correct it for the survival of the country.

A group of Westerners are totally tired of getting their concerns heard so they are advocating Western Separatism.  Whether you agree or disagree with this idea, we cannot ignore it.  Quebec has caused so much unrest in this country and their threat of Separatism has forced the various Federal governments to capitulate to their every demand.  Through the many ways in which Quebec has been able to bully the Rest (Most) of Canada, they have created a separate entity for themselves which is based on their specificity in language & culture.  They are only willing to be part of Canada if we support this specificity and support them FINANCIALLY.

Well, I don’t blame the West for being totally tired of this arrangement.  The question is - what can we do about it?  Should we encourage Quebec to separate or should we encourage the West to separate?  Without the West, can Ontario survive?  Looking at the mess the Liberal government of Ontario has made over the last 10 years, my answer is NO!!!

Has forced bilingualism in Ontario helped to pull this province down?  Why are we allowing a minority group to call the shots and make demands that, not only cost us a lot of money, but is also forcing our youth to move out west?  Our top jobs are handed over to French-speaking Quebecers who are the ones most likely to be bilingual.  Our legal system is totally in support of the Constitution which says that we must protect the French so there is NO recourse to justice in the courts.

If we believe that forced bilingualism is helping to destroy Ontario, how can we help the West to avoid the same problems?  Maybe we should tell them about the French Language Services Act and how it is being used to force even more jobs to be mandated bilingual?

One of our readers sent this warning:

Durham region and others contemplating French Language Services, take note of the Ontario French Language Services Commissioner’s remarks in October 2013 because there would be no going back!

  • “withdrawing a region’s designation status would certainly be contrary to the spirit of the French Language Services Act, a statute that is, I would recall, quasi-constitutional legislation that takes precedence over all other enactments of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. “ Francois Boileau

And what is the purpose of the French Language Services Act? Mr. Boileau goes on to say:

  • “The purpose of the Act is twofold, as the Ontario Court of Appeal held in Lalonde (Montfort): to protect the Francophone minority in Ontario and also to advance French and promote its equality of status with English in Ontario society.”

What about cost, in dollars or hiring?

Ontario currently pays 10 billion dollars a year in debt interest payments, yet we continue to provide more French services and programs at an increasing cost, and even putting in law continued French funding where no such guarantee exists for English. The Fraser Institute in 2012 found that Ontario pays about 621 million dollars for French services including education. In that document they mention Ontario has 2 goals. One is the survival of the French language for fear of assimilation and two, provide minority language services to those that cannot communicate in English.

Ontario is paying 621 million dollars (71.3% of the 870 million all provinces pay to support French) to provide education and services for 490,000 Franco Ontarians. These amounts will increase as we have seen Immigration and Justice changes to provide more bilingual services. Also, the Ontario government changed the definition (Stats Canada did not) to include more as Francophone. This funding amount does not include grants from municipalities, the Ontario Trillium Foundation or the reported 1.4 billion federally, I assume.

The percentage of Ontario residents who reported an ability to conduct a conversation in French has gone down, 11.9% in 2006 and 11.3% in 2011. Remember, Ontario only has 42,980 people who only speak French and Alberta 3,205, butthe French activists are very vocal.  You should be too! Should we not have a conversation about costs and actual need? Who are we really spending all this money on? Why such a domino effect of one law after another?

Office of the French Language Services Commissioner

Bilingualism costs Ontario big bucks: Study

This link opens a table that shows the language situation in New Brunswick & Ontario (shows a steady decline).  This has panicked the French Language Services Commissioner into introducing more measures to increase the power of the FLSA

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This link opens a table from the 2011 census regarding the language situation in all the provinces of Canada.

Statistics Canada - Language (All Provinces)

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