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Sunday, February 17, 2103

Fourniers Fight For Freedom Of Speech Too

Bill C-304 to abolish Section 13

On Wednesday, Feb/13/13, we had Connie & Mark Fournier from the Free Dominion website come and talk about their legal battles with Richard Warman.  It was very inspiring to see two very ordinary Canadians take on this frequent complainant to the Human Rights Tribunal about the right to internet freedom.  Richard Warman has literally made a fortune taking ordinary Canadians to court who have had NO legal training and most of the time, he wins.  However, the Fourniers refuse to be intimidated and are accepting the challenge.

President (CLF)

Here is a plea from them:


I’m sending this to people who receive regular updates from Free Dominion, because you are friends, and because many of you asked to be kept in the loop.  Please let me know if you want off the list!

As many of you know, Mark and I are fighting three trials this year related to issues of online freedom of speech.  We just started our largest fundraiser because we need to raise $50,000 to cover the cost of all of those trials.

Almost immediately, the Free Dominion website was attacked by hackers.  We are fighting what is called a DDoS SYN attack where dozens of computers are sending messages to our server in an attempt to overload it and shut it down.  We keep blocking IPs, but new ones spring up almost immediately and the attacks start again. 

Sometimes we will have periods where the site is accessible to read, but many people cannot post.  Then they come back and increase the attack until the site becomes inaccessible again.

We desperately need help!

We can't get the word out about our fundraiser because many of our regular readers can't get into our site to find out about it. We really need people who care about free speech to circulate this email, tell your friends, or post it on your blogs. Somebody doesn't want us to meet our fundraising goal, but we have to do this.  Internet freedom depends on it!

Here is the link to our fundraiser, please pass it around!

Connie Fournier


For readers who have not been following the progress of this battle against Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, here is Jonathan Kay - Good riddance to Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act


We need to push the Senate to Repeal Section 13. Contact Your Senator About Bill C-304: Let's Get a Move On!

Freedomsite Blog


Tories repeal sections of Human Rights Act banning hate speech over telephone or Internet - National Post much for your help!


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