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Sunday, February 3, 2013

What Do You Think

Conservative Party Survey

It has always been my contention that the English-speakers of Canada are their own worst enemies.  ALL political parties ignore us and I believe that this is because we are, generally speaking, too complacent and too willing to put up with government policies that discriminate against us.  We are not willing to speak up or form lobby groups in large enough numbers for us to be heard.  The few people who have come forward, at great cost to themselves, to lead a charge are usually ignored and dismissed.  Even when we go to a lot of trouble to make it easy for people to write to their MPs and MPPs by providing them with sample letters, contact information, etc., very few actually take up the challenge.

Someone sent me this link.This is the Conservative Partys survey - this is a great opportunity to tell the CPC what you feel about their policies.  You may not like what theyre doing - take the opportunity to tell them.  Even if you are not a CPC supporter, you can still tell them what you think on many issues.

Most of the questions are answered with ticking the box that best expresses your opinion.  However, there is the opportunity for an essay-type answer to the following questions.  I have given you my answers below - just to show you that you can do the same.  Use your own words if you dont want to use mine but do take the opportunity to tell the government what you feel about the language issue.  I only caution that you are polite and not abusive.  As many of us are increasingly frustrated, it is very easy for our anger to show through but remember that we will do more harm to our cause if we use inappropriate language.  Even if you feel that it is a waste of time, youll be surprised at how much impact a large number of complaints can do.  All we need are enough English-speakers who care enough to get our message across.

We have seen how effective small Special Interest Groups have been - they seem to be able to get their message across.  Why cant we - we are the majority!!!  Let our voices be heard!!!

What do you think about the job being done by Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

Generally speaking, PM Harper does a good job.  However I think that he has allowed the Official Languages Act to operate with very little attention paid to the fact that the policy should only apply "where numbers warrant".  The policy has been operating for over 40 years and the only beneficiaries are the French-speakers who are, consequently, over-represented in the public service.  English-speakers cannot become bilingual easily because French is not a language that is heard in large parts of Canada.  To make matters worse, the French-speakers in Quebec are discouraged from learning English and the English-speaking Quebecers are decidedly discriminated against by draconian anti-English laws.  The Federal government does very little about this obvious imbalance, ignoring the plight of the English-speaking Quebecer while spending vast resources promoting, preserving and protecting the French language & culture.  Using the law to force a minority language on the majority is no way to prevent assimilation.  By all means, let French-speakers preserve their language & culture by encouraging them to do so in their homes and their social inter-action with each other but don't punish the non-French majority by shutting them out of management positions in the public sector.  This social engineering policy was forced on Canada by Trudeau's agenda to promote his group - it has not helped to unite the country.  All it has done is create animosity between French-speakers and non-French speakers - in much the same way as a favoured child is resented in a family.  More Canadians than ever in the history of Canada are ready to "let Quebec go".

What do you think about the job being done by the Conservative Party of Canada?

Generally speaking, the Conservative Party has done a reasonable job.  However, as long as Quebec and the French-speaking MPs from Quebec are allowed to force the government to pay special attention to that province and run the country to suit Quebec, the CPC will not be looked upon kindly by Canadians who are naturally conservative.  As a conservative, I cannot vote for the Liberals, the NDP or the Greens but we're looking for another party that will give English-speakers a break.  When we find one, we will not be giving the CPC the kind of support that you need to maintain your majority

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