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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ottawa Hospital To Cut $31 Million

Due to the disastrous mismanagement of the McGuinty government, Ontarians will be faced with more & deeper cuts in the delivery of medical services.  The Ottawa Hospital has just been told that it has to reduce its expenses by $31 M. - I’ll leave you to read the sordid details in the article from the Ottawa Citizen below.

Lowell Green’s show today was all about this sad attempt by Dr. Jack Kitts to explain how this cut is going to be accomplished.  What the show brought forward was the age-old way Quebecers have been coming to Ontario to our hospitals without Quebec reimbursing the Ontario government at the rate that Ontario charges.  This has been going on for at least 25 years with NO government in Ontario having the nerve to force Quebec to obey the National Health Act (which says that patients from guest provinces must pay the rate charged by the host provinces).  So our citizens are forced to put up with over-crowded conditions and lack of funds because Quebec politicians are so intransigent and don’t give a damn about being fair or even obeying our laws!!!  This is on top of having our hospitals reject our own nurses (because they are not bilingual) and giving employment to French nurses from Quebec.  What nobody has pointed out is that our hospitals, under the pro-French McGuinty government, are headed by bilingual administrators (mostly from Quebec) and they have no problem welcoming patients from Quebec!!!

Link to Lowell Green’s show here  and choose today’s show.

BTW, the $623 M. that Ontario spends on bilingual services can easily be halved so that our medical services do not have to be sacrificed!!!

For a province that takes full advantage of Canada’s generosity, Quebec has got to be the most ungrateful province and the tragedy is that no political party has the guts to stand up and say so.  Even the media (except for the Sun media of course!!!) is reluctant to give print to this frustrating situation.  John Robson and his wife, Brigette Pellerin, did a show on the Equalization Policy last August (just before the Quebec election that gave power to Pauline Marois & the PQ party). 

Remember that the Equalization Payments policy is due for renewal next year and the only way to force Quebec to face reality is to cut back on the huge amounts given to Quebec.  Alberta, being the main contributor to this program, is the only province that can put a stop to the way Quebec is able to insult Canada at will and still strut around with so much arrogance.

Job cuts won’t harm patient care, says Ottawa Hospital CEO  - Ottawa Citizen


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