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Wednesday, January 11, 2013

Will There Be Freedom Of Expression

S. Glengarry Township meeting Jan-13-14

Those on the distribution list last November will remember Howard Galganov’s strategy to approach each township on a resolution that would promote “Freedom of Expression”.  S. Stormont Township took up the challenge and Mayor Bryan McGillis, supported by his whole council, passed the resolution without any problem.  The Township of S. Glengarry heard the resolution, presented by Howard and identical to the one passed by S. Stormont, and decided not to vote on it till the new year.

They’ve just informed Howard now that the next council meeting on Monday, January 14th, will have this resolution voted on.

We are asking for all citizens who believe that this resolution is worth our support to turn up for the meeting.  The article by Don Smith of the Cornwall Free News will give you more details.  Link to it for those details because our distribution service cannot show graphics or the map of where the town hall is.

Karen Selick’s article on this topic is worth re-reading.


All eyes on South Glengarry over Freedom of Expression by Don Smith

Canada: No Longer a Democratic Country that Respects Basic Human Rights? by Don Smith


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