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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2 Languages Is The Formula For Disunity & Discord

Two articles in this message - one from Britain and one from Belgium.  The first one tells us about the English language becoming a world language - the number of non-native speakers outnumber those who regard English as their “mother-tongue”.  There are so many varieties of English spoken throughout the world - each with its own quirks, each with its own expressions based on the culture of those adopting it as their 2nd language.  That is the strength of the English-language - it is so versatile and it cheerfully adopts words from the local culture and very soon these words become accepted as part of the English lexicon, allowing the language to grow in such interesting ways.  This is our legacy in Canada - we have inherited a rich world-class language and we have allowed our politicians to belittle our English-speakers by relegating them to 2nd & 3rd class citizens by forcing them to accepting the French language as the criteria for 1st class citizenship?  Why?  Why are we not fighting harder against this obviously ludicrous situation that has evolved because we made the mistake of allowing someone like Pierre E. Trudeau and his cohort, Jean Chretien, to change our Constitution and give French-speakers priority status in jobs and funding?  Looking after the French-speakers as a minority and not abusing them is one thing but giving them the advantage and a priority status just because they speak a minority language (which is declining on the world stage) is quite something else!!  Why are we sitting back and allowing this to happen?

The reason given is - this is necessary to keep the country together!!!  Yet, we see that Quebec (the province that takes more than it gives) goes out of its way to alienate its citizens and treat the English-speaking minority worse than any civilized country would.  This unity ploy has NOT worked, no matter how many of our political leaders try to convince us that it has.  All we’ve done is to give them more and more excuses to rip us off, proving that black-mail works!!!

The leaders that represent the majority accept this situation and we have become a country that eliminates the brightest and the best leaving us with a competition in mediocrity for the people who would lead the country!  Amazing!!!

The 2nd article tells us that having two languages is the formula for disunity and discord.  While Belgium has been torn apart by language issues (with French at the core of it again!), Canada is heading deeper into the same divisions led by our federal government pandering instead of backing away, as we should, from catering to the nonsense that we are a bilingual country.  We are not - we are an English-speaking country with absolutely no need, nor desire, to cater to the French language that is pulling this country apart.

President (CLF)

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