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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Winners Are...

Going Postal the Canadian Way - Cornwall Free News

As long as they have the right to force Canadians outside Quebec to give French priority in any part of life (public & private), they will continue to push that right.  Ontario, with just over 4% mother-tongue French-speakers, has a French Language Commissioner whose mandate is to ensure that French-speakers are given priority in jobs and in service.  He encourages all French-speakers to demand service in French (which naturally leads to more jobs being made bilingual to service the occasional French person who comes along) and he & his groups of well-funded French-language zealots encourage all their supporters to make complaints.  Most of these complainants speak perfect (or near-perfect) English but that’s not the point - the point is that they want to push their right to be served in French and they will continue to do so until the English-speaking majority decides to make this a political issue.   When you communicate with ANY politician, Federal, Provincial or Municipal, tell them that you will not support them financially till your rights as the majority is recognized.

While we continue to bestow first class status to French-speaking Ontarians, we watch silently while Quebec continues to dump on English-speakers.  The story that is going viral - a young and very brave English-speaker (who is perfectly bilingual) wishes to speak English to a fellow-worker in their place of work, she’s told she’s not allowed.  Their supervisor said, “NO, NO, you must only converse in French”.  This clever girl recorded her supervisor’s instructions and is planning to take her case to the Human Rights Commission in Quebec.  Read the article in the Cornwall Free News on Meaghan’s story below.

We are proud to note that some English-speakers are fighting back.  Cory Cameron is an example of such a person who has decided that “enough is enough”.  Good for  you, Cory!!! 

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I received a newsletter from MPP Grant Crack who represents the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding in Ontario.  The Spring/Summer 2013 newsletter proudly proclaims that the Ontario Liberal govt. has provided the following Ontario Trillium Grants for his French constituents:

  • $65,000 - Association francaise des propriétaries de boises de l’Ontario Inc. - Funding to improve programs that educate Francophone woodlot owners on how to protect forest cover in Eastern Ontario.  Funding will provide for hiring a project coordinator, developing a strategic plan, increasing memberships, providing technical management assistance, identifying funding opportunities & delivering education workshops.
  • $21,800 - Club Fil D’Argent Clarence-Rockland - Funding to purchase new furniture, a new commercial refrigerator, safety locks for doors & windows and electronic equipment for this seniors club enabling the organization to provide a more comfortable and secure environment to its members.

The following Celebrate Ontario Investments grants were:

  • $75,000 to Camping-Caravaning de la Curd in the Nation Municipality (Village de St. Albert).  This project has as a main goal to increase both the number of tourists and the duration of their stay in the immediate area of St. Albert.
  • $33,000 to Festival de la Bine de Plantagenet 2013 in Plantagenet.  The festival de la Bine de Plantagenet is a two-day ticketed family festival celebrating beans, the simple, delicious and traditionally Franco-Ontarian meal.
  • $40,000 to Festival de Noél de Casselman 2013 in Casselman.  With its unique festive ambience, this tourist event is designed to rekindle the Christmas magic for the young and young-at-heart.
  • $40,000 to La Releve 2013 in Clarence-Rockland.  The first ever Franco-Ontarian festival for performing arts in Eastern Ontario.

Maybe MPP Grant Crack hasn’t heard that Ontario’s debt is mounting so rapidly that just to service this debt takes $10.6 Billion a year. 

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