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Friday, June 28, 2013

French ONLY! IGA Threatens Employees

Exclusive: IGA franchise employees told they can't speak English to each other - CTV Montreal

It is hard to believe that Quebec is the gift that keeps on giving in our attempts to tell Canadians about the insanity happening in Quebec.  This is not an isolated case of course - what makes it news is the fact that this young lady, Meaghan Moran, is not willing to take it lying down.  She went public with the attempt of some over-zealous supervisor at the store she’s working at to stop her from speaking English to a fellow English-speaking employee.  She was smart enough to take a recording of the conversation she had with her supervisor.  She is contemplating taking her complaint to the Quebec HRC and she has the backing of lawyers Julius Gray and Brent Tyler.

Most people are too frightened to draw attention to themselves because the potential for a violent reaction from the language zealots is well known.  It is really nice to see that not ALL English-speakers have succumbed to the Fear Factor and we can only hope that more of such outspoken people will come forward and tell it like it is.  Tell the truth & shame the devil - that is a well-known saying that is the only way to fight against the stupidity of the French-language zealots.

P.S.: Show your support to those in Montreal who are not afraid to come forward and protest Bill 14.  This is the kind of legislation that encourages the ridiculous behaviour of the language zealots who have lost every shred of common sense.  A rally is being organized by Howard Galganov on Sunday, June 30th - see notice and video tralier above.

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