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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013

Quebec’s ‘Distinct Society’ Riddled With Corruption Disease - National Post

Scandal after scandal, the corruption in Quebec is being exposed and while the honest Quebecers groan under the weight of the embarrassment of living in “the most corrupt province in Canada”, more and more Canadians are saying, “LET THEM GO”.  Their interminable obsession with the French language & culture is the root cause of their failure in their economy, in their record of human rights violation and in the negative perception that most of us have of them.  It is a shame that the honest ones have to suffer along with the dishonest ones but that’s life - as it happens in war, it also happens in peace.

The French Quebecois’ quest for the preservation of their dying language and culture have taken on an extremism that is almost unbelievable - such blatantly unreasonable behavior would not be tolerated anywhere in the world except in Canada where the law-abiding citizens have nowhere to turn.  By entrenching into our Constitution this “entitlement” to special treatment to be protected, preserved & promoted above and beyond any acceptable limit, Trudeau and his cohorts (Jean Chretien, Lucienne Robillard, Serge Joyal, among others) laid the foundation for this blight upon the Canadian landscape.

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